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Drug & Alcohol Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centres in Johannesburg

Our intensive residential programme is a primary care in-house rehabilitation therapy programme, ideal for all types of drug addiction, alcoholism and related disorders.
A 30 – 42 day addiction treatment programme.  

The extended inpatient care programme is geared towards individuals who have completed an alcohol or drug detox and primary care programme.
Extended on a month to month basis with a suggestion of three months. 

The intensive First Step Outpatient Programme has been designed for individuals who are suffering from Substance Use Disorders, but personal commitments, issues, work and family make it impractical for them to attend an inpatient programme.

Ongoing Individual Therapy Houghton House’s Halfway House for Recovering Alcoholics & Addicts is here for alcoholics and addict patients in recovery who have completed a Primary Drug or Alcohol recovery programme and require aftercare.

Houghton House’s first Halfway Houses for Addicts is our tertiary care programme and focuses on men and women who have completed a residential treatment programme and are now willing to commit to a long term structure of living for recovery.

Aspen is another of our Halfway Houses it too is used as a residency for  patients and people in active recovery  who have completed residential treatment  and want to stay  at a Halfway House where they feel safe and comfortable. 

The Houghton House Group’s family support programme is designed for friends and family members of alcoholics and addicts. 
Houghton House’s family support programme is located in Ferndale, Randburg.

Following a treatment programme many patients are vulnerable and often find that the first year out of treatment can be difficult. Houghton House has a continuing care programme that is designed as a follow-up to primary. 

These two tests will give you an indication if you or a loved one needs help with drug addiction or alcoholism

The Top Addiction Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg

Our rehabilitation centre and treatment facilities are in Sandton Johannesburg in South Africa. 
Providing world-class Residential, Inpatient and Outpatient alcohol & drug addiction treatment.
Our extensive Halfway House for recovering addicts facilities supports Ongoing Care and Mental Health Treatment.


Addiction Treatment Professionals. If you’re serious about recovery. Our Rehab in Johannesburg can help.

The experienced multi-disciplinary alcohol & drug rehabilitation management team of experts at Houghton House’s Rehab in Johannesburg offers the full spectrum of care including a medical detox programme, inpatient care, outpatient clinic, and step down services such as aftercare and relapse prevention.

Dan Wolf

Director of Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres

A experienced Psychologist involved with the prominent drug rehabilitation leaders in South Africa
Recognized as a national expert on addiction treatment. He is a registered psychologist who specialises in dealing with addictive disorders.

Alex Hamlyn

Founder and Director of Houghton House

Since 1995 Alex has been involved developing prominent addiction recovery practices, participating in professional presentations, videos, seminars, training programmes, authorship and advisories in the field of addiction rehabilitation professional.

Dr Hashendra Ramjee of houghton house

Dr Hashendra Ramjee

INHOUSE DR / SPECIALISING in addiction treatment

Dr Ramjee focuses on the physical and medical progress of patients as they move through treatment.
Conducts an initial physical and a mental health assessment Oversees a patient progress, medication management and relapse prevention.

Kenneth Wilson a registered Counselling Psychologist at Houghton House Rehab in Johannesburg

Kenneth Wilson

Director of
Outpatient Services

Kenneth is a registered Counselling Psychologist and Executive Coach.
His work has included child, adult, couples and group psychotherapy, psychological assessments, including the supervision and training of intern psychologists and lay counsellors. 

Houghton House is a Designated Service Provider with Relationships with all Medical Aids & Hospital Plans for Substance Abuse Disorders

Alex on the First Steps to Recovery

Benefits of Becoming Sober

Drug and alcohol rehab in Johannesburg

Please see our News section for expert blogs on the risk factors of taking drugs, use and health as well as our Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg’s frequently asked questions section which covers drug use increases, information on drugs like crystal meth, kat, nyaope, bath salts, benzos and other substances in detail discussing the risk factors and treatment options.

Covid Houghton addiction recovery

Houghton house videos and discussions about  Addiction Treatment  Recovery and solutions and answers to alcoholism and drug addiction.

Addiction Treatment Professionals.  We are serious about your recovery. We can help.

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres 


Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres are accredited and certified by the South African Department of Health


Houghton House Rehab in Johannesburg is rated as a Five Star Rehabilitation Facility by G.A.P. the General Addiction Programme & International Rehab Reviews.  

Practice name:
Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres
Practice number:
047 000 001 6616



  • Houghton House  432 York Ave
    Randburg 2194
    Johannesburg South Africa
  • Phone: 011 787 9142
  • Mobile: 079 770 7532
  • Email:  info@houghtonhouse.co.za

Business Hours

    • Monday – Sunday – 24 hours

Visiting Hours

  • Saturday – Contact due to  COVID restrictions
  • Sunday – Contact due to COVID restriction

6 serious signs that your drinking is out of control

With alcohol being a legal and socially acceptable mind altering substance, it is sometimes difficult to know if your relationship with drinking is unhealthy. In the society we live in where alcohol flows freely at any get-together, how can I tell if my drinking is out of control?

Six warning signs to help you determine if your social consumption of alcohol has developed into alcoholism and you have a drinking problem

  • Hiding or lying about alcohol consumption
  • Drinking to relieve stress, anger, anxiety or hardship
  • Lapses in memory, or blackouts
  • Unable to stop at just one drink
  • Unsuccessful attempts to abstain from alcohol
  • Responsibilities take the back seat

Hiding or lying about alcohol consumption

People who drink heavy amounts of alcohol frequently, are often unable to admit that they have a problem. This however is the first step to breaking the hold alcoholism has over you. Fear of judgement might be at the top of your list, but often times it is fear of interference that keeps the alcoholic from admitting they are drinking too much. Behaviour around denial include:

  1. Drinking alone
  2. Saying you drank less than you did
  3. Binge drinking
  4. Convincing yourself that the problem is under control, contrary to the evidence.
  5. Saying that you can stop anytime, yet fail to do so

Drinking to relieve stress, anger, anxiety or hardship

Consuming alcohol to cope with negative emotions is a very common prelude to addiction. This alcoholic behaviour forms an association between relaxation and alcohol use, creating the risk that over time your consumption of alcohol will increase as you become physiologically dependent. Using alcohol as a stress reliever is a sure sign of problem drinking.

Lapses in memory, or blackouts

A dangerous sign that your drinking is out of control is if you suffer from lapses in memories or blackouts. Large quantities of alcohol have adverse effects on memory, essentially causing episodes of short-term amnesia. Blackouts are often the result of drinking large quantities of alcohol in short periods of time. Alcohol inhibits the brain’s ability to commit new experiences to memory, if you can’t remember what happened when you were drinking, or only have a hazy recollection it’s a definite sign that your drinking is out of control.

Unable to stop at just one drink

People with a drinking problem find that they are often unable to drink alcohol without imbibing to excess. Being unable to control your alcohol consumption, or what the outcome of your drinking will be is serious cause for concern.

Over time you will developed a tolerance to alcohol, meaning that it takes more alcohol for you to feel drunk. You may drink faster, or drink with the sole purpose of getting drunk, rather than to just enjoy the social experience.

Unsuccessful attempts to abstain from alcohol

A definite sign that your drinking is out of control is if you cannot forgo alcohol consumption without the following:

  1. Hesitation
  2. Physical discomfort
  3. Psychological distress

If you are finding it difficult to go a significant time without drinking it is a clear indication of a more significant problem with alcohol.

Responsibilities take the back seat

When you start to neglect things that are important to you for the sake of alcohol you are already in the danger zone. This might be that you are normally a dedicated parent, but the alcohol buzz has allowed carelessness to creep in. Or waking up with a hangover means less productivity at work, or skipping a morning workout. When alcohol begins to affect a healthy lifestyle there is no doubt that your drinking has gotten out of control. Alcoholism, our Rehab in Johannesburg can help.

Be honest with yourself, find out if your drinking is out of control

Seeking help may be your only choice.

Alcoholism if your alcoholic drinking out of control drug and alcohol rehab in Johannesburg If you feel that you can no longer control your drinking. You constantly drink much more than you should, you seem to think about drinking all day, you start wanting to drink at inappropriate times. You have serious withdrawal symptoms as a result of not being able to get drink when you want to.
You need more and more alcohol every time you drink in order to feel happy or good, and you realize that you can’t manage your actions when it comes to your alcoholism. If these issues are ones you are aware of, your alcohol intake is out of control. There are several thoughts you should consider as well as understand. Uncontrolled drinking causes the same issues as drug and substance abuse, and you should remember, above all else, that you need help. If a loved one has voiced that they are worried about you and alcoholism, it’s time to cut back. Thinking that you may need to ask someone else if you are overdoing it might be enough of a sign that you clearly are. Similarly, if you are honest in admitting to your doctor the amounts that you are consuming, and if your doctor comments that the amount is excessive, you should pay attention. High alcohol consumption can cause major health problems.

Once you've realised your drinking is out of control seek treatment at our Rehab in Johannesburg -

Alcoholism is a subtle, progressive disease that starts out innocently with just a couple of drinks a few days out of the week, to full alcohol dependency. If you find that you cannot stop, reach out for help. Houghton House offers expert advice on alcohol addiction treatment options.

Why are Drugs Addictive?
Why do some people get addicted while others do not?

  1. Environmental Reasons  – People, places, and things are huge impacts on people who decide to pick up drugs or alcohol. The occurrence of poverty, abuse, exposure, and peer pressure can all play a major role in the growth of addiction.
  2. Neurological Reasons– The effect that drugs have on neurotransmitters inside of the brain is perhaps of the biggest fundamental cause of addiction.
  3. Biological Reasons– This includes risk factors ascribed to genes, gender, ethnicity as well as any kind of mental disorders that may be existing.

Why are Drugs Addictive

Regardless of what factors cause addiction and Why are Drugs Addictive there is a solution to this disease: TREATMENT

Houghton House treats drug addiction as a disease, just like any other. It is a disease that will not go away ever, but it can be treated and controlled. Although the initial decision to start using a drug may be a choice, giving up drugs or even alcohol can be very difficult and it is not a matter of willpower or choice. As drugs are so addictive and relapsing is such a recurring problem is the main reason people need to come to a professional centre while in recovery. There are so many factors to consider when looking at drug addiction. One’s social environment can have a huge effect. If a child is reared in a home where there is alcohol or drug abuse, they are likely to think this is normal and live that same path. Friends and peer pressure is also a deciding factor particularly for youth. There are physical and biological reasons that may cause drugs to become an addiction. Mental disorders play a huge part and misdiagnosis and incorrect medication or doses can also result in drug addiction

Over 25 years of Success at our rehabilitation centres in Gauteng.

As the premier alcohol recovery and addiction rehab in Johannesburg, our treatment plans offer the closest and best full spectrum of care to help with alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation. We cater to all individuals from all walks of life and offer many forms of our treatment including substance abuse treatment, evaluations, educational services, outpatient treatment, residential care, halfway house accommodation and aftercare. Our relapse prevention and recovery support encompass long-term treatment based on the understanding that addiction is not a moral failing. It is a recognised and diagnosable disease. Houghton House offers substance abuse and addiction and alcohol treatment programmes in phases. These phases address the different stages of addiction disorder that an individual may be in.24 YEARS best rehab in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in Johannesburg, South Africa

Professionals and specialists in alcoholic rehabilitation and drug recovery, mental health and rehabilitation in Johannesburg
The experienced multi-disciplinary team of experts at our  Rehab in Jhb’s Top Drug Rehab Centre includes approved doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, certified addiction counsellors, nurses and other medical professionals. Here in South Africa we stop drug dependency and addiction with our integrated treatment system and medical drug detox. Houghton House recovery experts deal effectively with drug and alcohol withdrawal with a full understanding of the causes and effects of addiction and abuse.

Our Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg is the top alcohol treatment and drug treatment  Recovery Centre in South Africa

  1. Offering access to recovery and behavioural therapy for dual-diagnosis patients, struggling with addiction,
    mental illness, alcohol abuse and bipolar disorders.
  2. Treatment plans covering Addiction occurring with other pre-existing psychological issues such as anxiety or depression.
  3. Sustainable treatment recovery programmes depend on the treatment of co-occurring issues along with the addiction.
  4. Houghton House provides a clinically integrated approach that addresses underlying physical and mental health treatment.
  5. Professional rehabilitation centre in Johannesburg, alcoholic rehabilitation centres & drug addiction rehabilitation.
  6. Support, maintain and to help with patient mental health treatment, aftercare, recovery process and family support programmes.

24 hour emergency helpline:079 7707532 (local) +27 79 7707532 (international)
Rehab in Johannesburg Gauteng Addiction Recovery Centre

Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Sandton Johannesburg

As the top Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Jhb South Africa, Houghton House our professionals provides a comprehensive Alcohol Abuse Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addicts. Please see our News section for expert blogs on the risk factors of taking drugs, use and mental health 

Our Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg’s frequently asked questions section which covers drug use increases, information on drugs like crystal meth, kat, nyaope, bath salts, benzos and other substances in detail discussing the risk factors and your mental health treatment options to recovery.

Reach out now! We can help you with substance abuse, drug addiction and dependency!

Medical Aid Endorsement for Houghton House Rehab in Johannesburg

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Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres

Covid Houghton addiction recovery

We operate on the belief that alcoholism/addiction are a recognised and diagnosable disease, not a moral failing.
As such, we strive to create an environment where our patients feel respected and their dignity can be restored.

Looking for lasting recovery from substance abuse and sobriety? We will guide you in the process of recovery.

Houghton House professional staff ensure that the best help and guidance is supplied to the patient, as well as the family and loved ones throughout the recovery process.

At Houghton House, we treat Addictions, Addictive Disorders including underlying Psychiatric Disorders. Our upmarket facility is fully licenced and registered with the Department of Social Development and Department of Health. We deal with all medical aids and hospital plans. Our team of trained medical professionals, therapists and specialists at Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg ensure that you are guided step by step to lasting recovery

Comprehensive Assessment

Before our patients embark on any drug or alcohol treatment programme, they undergo a comprehensive professional assessment by one of our experienced clinical team. The sophisticated assessment process is designed to ascertain their current and past substance abuse and use, history, family support, psychiatric, psychological, and motivational status.24 YEARS best Rehab centre in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg

Primary Care

Our Rehab in Johannesburg’s 30-day residential programme at our upmarket Johannesburg rehabilitation centre provides a solid foundation for those requiring the best medical detoxification and/or a more intensive therapeutic treatment environment at an addiction recovery centre. This highly structured drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme is staffed by a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and addiction counsellors, experienced with drug addiction and alcoholism treatment.

Rehab in Johannesburg Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg Drugs Alcohol

Secondary Care

The General Addiction Programme is extended inpatient care at the our rehabilitation centres, specifically geared towards individuals who have completed a drug or alcohol detox and primary care programme, whether addiction treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse has been done at our rehab or another facility. It runs on a month to month basis with the suggestion of three months as an ideal treatment period.

Outpatient Services in Johannesburg

The First Step Outpatient Programme has been designed for individuals who are suffering from Substance Use Disorders, but financial stresses, legal issues, work obligations and/or family responsibilities make it impractical for them to attend full-time rehab at an inpatient programme the Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres

Rehab Johannesburg Halfway Houses

Houghton House’s facilities Aspen and York Halfway Houses are tertiary care facilities which focus on recovering dual diagnosis addicts or alcoholics who have completed a residential inhouse addiction rehabilitation treatment from substance abuse and are now committed to a long-term structure supporting clean living. During this stage of their recovery, residents reintegrate into the working environment or look for employment.

Our Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg Ethos

We are dedicated to helping people improve their mental health and the best wellbeing. Our professionals and therapists focus on every patient’s specific needs and strive to deliver excellent clinical outcomes through individually-tailored treatment plans. Our purpose at Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre is to make a real and lasting difference in our patients’ lives.

Rehab in Johannesburg treatment overview Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Johannesburg

For more information on dealing with addiction, drugs or alcohol abuse and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

office hours:  011 787 9142

24/7 emergency help line: 079 770 7532

Click on the green envelope below and fill in our contact form, and one of our professional staff members will get back to you via email or phone, respecting your anonymity at all times.Mail link to contact Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa

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