Drug Addiction, Addiction Recovery and Drug Rehabilitation,


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Best Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Centre Programme Refined to bring Immediate Help with Addiction

Drug Addiction, Addiction Recovery and Drug Rehabilitation,

As the top private rehab centre in Johannesburg. We offer a full spectrum of care and help with alcohol and drug rehabilitation. For individuals from all walks of life. Including drug abuse, opiate addiction. This includes substance abuse treatment, evaluations, educational services, outpatient treatment, residential care, halfway house accommodation, aftercare programs. Our relapse prevention and recovery support programmes, encompass long-term treatment. Based on the understanding that addiction is not a moral failing. It is a recognised and diagnosable disease. Houghton House offers substance abuse and addiction and alcohol treatment programme in phases. These phases address the different stages of addiction disorder that the individual may be in.

Over 23 years of success and experience.

The Houghton House Group has embraced the multi-disciplinary Minnesota Model of addiction treatment for substance abuse. Providing an extremely high success rate of Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation.

At its core, the Minnesota Model has evolved to become a holistic treatment model. It deals with substance abuse treatment. This combines the expertise of medical and therapeutic professionals. The Counsellors have hands-on experience with the twelve steps. Addiction treatment, dependency and recovery processes and techniques. The odds of residential treatment recovery are greatest when all approaches are considered and correctly combined. Medical and psychiatric care covers the dual diagnosis of all other psychiatric conditions. These conditions often accompany addiction. For example, African depression and anxiety depression or other health-related disorders. Trained counsellors that have gone through the experience of moving from active substance abuse to recovery are able to personally relate to the patient’s challenges.

Houghton House Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Centre

Alcohol & Drug  Recovery and Rehabilitation in JHB.

The experienced multi-disciplinary team of experts at Houghton House Drug Rehabilitation & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Centre. Include medical aid approved doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, certified addiction counsellors, nurses and other medical professionals.  We attempt to stop drug dependency, drug misuse, street drugs including signs and symptoms of prescription, medications with integrated treatment and medical drug detox. Particularly with commonly abused club drugs including heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and other illicit drug abuse, dealing with the causes of addiction, health care, understanding alcohol withdrawal and drug overdoses.

Treatment centre options we offer include access to recovery and behavioural therapy for dual-diagnosis patients, struggling with addiction, mental illness and bipolar disorders. Further, we help with patient aftercare and family programs. More often than not, addiction occurs with other pre-existing psychological issues, such as anxiety or depression. Houghton House provides a clinically integrated approach that addresses these underlying health effects. Sustainable treatment program and recovery often depend on the treatment of a co-occurring mental disorder along with the addiction.

Best drug rehab centre in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

Based in Gauteng, Houghton House has become an affordable treatment centre destination for international patients seeking inpatient residential treatment for prescription drug addiction, abuse, illegal drug and related substance abuse or mental health addiction treatment concerns in Southern Africa

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Randburg Johannesburg Gauteng Rehab Centre

Houghton House provides addiction treatment services for people battling with substance abuse and mental health issues.
Our Professional staff provide specialist behavioural and drug addiction treatment centres in the Randburg Centre Gauteng South Africa

Houghton House is a private Addiction and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg. The facility is fully accredited licensed and employs professional and certified staff.
Professional Staff complement includes psychiatrists, GP’s, psychologists, addiction counsellors, social workers and nurses providing caring treatment for recovering addicts and suffers from addictive disorders.

Considered the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in JHB.

Houghton House has the reputation of getting results and helping South Africans with drug rehabilitation issues in a professional and holistic manner.
As the top Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Private  Patient Centre in South Africa, Houghton House provides a comprehensive Drug Rehabilitation treatment plan to drug addicts and alcohol addicts who need help in South Africa. Our treatment centre is involved with all medical aid programs and the National Institute on drug and substance abuse and South African Depression’s anonymous national survey.
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Drug Addiction, Addiction Recovery and Drug Rehabilitation,

Podcast from Classic FM Lifestyle with Dan Wolf on Teenage Addiction and Drug Rehabilitation.
The Signs of Alcohol & Drug AddictionDrug Addiction, Addiction Recovery and Drug Rehabilitation,

   Teenage Addiction, Recovery and Rehabilitation Treatment for Substance Abuse

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