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A rehab in Joburg live a normal joyous life free from alcohol and drug abuse.
A rehab in Joburg for a loved one alcohol and drug abuse.

Start your recovery at our Addiction Centers in Johannesburg.
The leading provider for drug rehab and alcohol treatment countrywide,
focusing on evidence-based and dual diagnosis addiction treatment
and mental health care.
Our Rehab in Johannesburg brings the very best. Premier Residential Inpatient, Outpatient and Halfway Houses. Sophisticated drug, alcohol and substance abuse treatment programmes are used in our battle against addiction and alcoholism.

Our alcohol and substance abuse recovery centres in Johannesburg Gauteng includes a range of recovery treatments. For both men and women troubled with drugs, alcohol addiction or co-occurring mental health disorders.
From medical detox to extended outpatient support. Our services cover Addiction Recovery, Mental Health Treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol abuse at our Joburg Rehabs.

With over 25 years of experience helping and supporting patients. As a result, we create the opportunity for addicts to be clean and live a normal joyous life. Free from alcohol and drug abuse.

South Africa’s drug use. A Devastating Drug war, One that needs to be won Now!

Nyaope is an illegal, dangerous, highly addictive South African street drug.

Houghton House, Providing a Second Chance at Life

Regarded as the top private drug, alcohol and addiction recovery centres Johannesburg and Gauteng based. We offer the full spectrum of treatment. For all addictive disorders and associated problems.

The addiction recovery programmes begin with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s needs. Therefore we offer short and long-term residential treatment, outpatient services, ongoing aftercare, relapse prevention. As well as halfway house sober living options.
To sum up we operate on the belief that alcoholism/addiction are a recognised and diagnosable disease. That is to say, it is not a moral failing. Consequently, we strive to create an environment where our patients feel respected and most importantly as a result their dignity can be restored.

The General Addiction Programme for Alcoholics and drug addicts is our premier Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg.

The Treatment process

Comprehensive assessment

Firstly before our patients embark on any drug or alcohol treatment programme, they undergo a comprehensive professional assessment by one of our experienced clinical team. In order that their recommended recovery programme meets the patient’s requirements. Moreover, the assessment process is designed to ascertain their current and past substance abuse history, family support, psychiatric, psychological, and in addition their motivational status. More on Assessments >>

Primary Care

Our 30-day residential programme at our Joburg rehab. This provides a solid foundation for those requiring medical detoxification from drugs or alcohol. Or a more intensive therapeutic addiction recovery environment after that. Similarly, this highly structured programme is staffed by a multidisciplinary team. This includes doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and most importantly our addiction counsellors. More on our Primary Care >>

Secondary Care

General Addiction Programme is the extended inpatient care programme for drug and alcohol recovery, most importantly it is specifically geared towards individuals who have completed detox and above all a primary care programme. Whether at our Rehab in Gauteng or another facility. After that, it runs on a month to month basis. With the suggestion of three months as an ideal recovery period for substance abuse or other addiction. More on Secondary Care Facilities >>

Outpatient Services

First Step Outpatient Programme has been designed for individuals who are suffering from Substance Use Disorders. When financial responsibilities, legal issues, work obligations and/or family situations make it impractical for them to attend an inpatient programme. More on our Outpatient Services >>

Halfway houses

Our Gauteng rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol has fantastic halfway facilities Aspen Halfway house and York are our premier tertiary care facilities. They focus on our patients who have completed a residential treatment programme. Who are now committed to a long-term structure that consequently encourages and supports clean living. For example, during this stage, residents reintegrate into the working environment or in other words, look for employment. More on Halfway House Living >>

24/7 Emergency Helpline 079 770 7532

Firstly, our Rehabilitaion Centres in Johannesburg are dedicated to helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing. So we focus on every patient’s specific needs. As a result, we deliver excellent clinical outcomes, most importantly, through individually-tailored drug recovery treatment. Above all our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference in our patients’ lives.

Our drug & alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg and recovery facilities are Central to Sandton and Johannesburg surrounds South Africa. We provide world-class Residential Recovery, Inpatient and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab & Drug Addiction Treatment. Likewise, our extensive Halfway House rehab facilities for recovering addicts support Ongoing Care and Mental Health Wellness & Relapse Prevention in Gauteng.

To clarify we are Addiction Treatment Professionals.
Above all, if you’re serious about your recovery,
our Drug Recovery & Alcohol Rehab in Johannesburg can help.

Dan Wolf Psychologist Director Best Rehab in Johannesburg near me

Dan Wolf

Director and Head of Psychology

Alex Hamlyn Director of Alcohol rehab  drug recovery Best RehabJohannesburg

Alex Hamlyn

Founder and Director of Houghton House

Dr Hashendra Ramjee Inhouse Doctor  addiction treatment

Dr Hashendra

Resident Doctor Specialising in Addiction

Dr David Webb Associate Doctor at Houghton House

Dr David Webb

Resident Doctor Specialising in Addiction

Houghton House Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg
accept all Medical Aids & Hospital Plans for Substance Abuse Disorders

Medical aids that support rehabs in johannesburg and addiction centres near me

Practice name:

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres
Practice Number: 047 000 001 6616
Registration Number: 2005/042033/07


  • 432 York Ave
    Randburg 2194
    Johannesburg South Africa
  • 24 Hr. Phone: 011 787 9142
  • Emergency Mobile: 079 770 7532

Business Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday – 24 hours

Visiting Hours

  • Saturday – Limited Contact due to  COVID restrictions
  • Sunday – Limited Contact due to COVID restrictions.
    However, please call to enquire.
addiction centres near me addiction recovery


Houghton House Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg are Accredited and certified by the South African Department of Health

In addition we are NAADAC, Association for Addiction Professionals Certified 

In conclusion, our Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg are rated as a Five Star addiction Facility by: International Rehab Reviews. >> See the Houghton House Page .<<

Click here for a << List of Free Government Services in South Africa for Drug Treatment Centres and Alcohol Rehabilitation >>

Locations: Houghton House Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg
A Premier Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres

Articles on Drug Addiction and Alcohol Rehabs.
From our Joburg Rehab archives:

6 signs that your drinking is seriously out of control

With alcohol being a legal and acceptable mind-altering substance. It is sometimes difficult to know if your level of drinking is damaging. In the society we live in where drink and also drugs flow relatively freely. How can I tell if I am losing control?

Be honest with yourself, are you drinking too much every day?

  1. Hiding or lying about alcohol consumption.
  2. Drinking to relieve stress, anger, anxiety or hardship.
  3. Memory lapses, or blackouts.
  4. Unable to stop at just one drink.
  5. Unsuccessful attempts to abstain.
  6. Responsibilities take the back seat.
process-behind-addiction-rehabilitation at-Houghton-House-Drug-Rehab-Joburg-1

Dan discusses intervention and the Steps to Recovery What to do with your drinking is out of control

What to Know About Joburg Alcohol Detox and Rehab Addiction Programmes

Seeking help? – Our Alcohol Rehab in Johannesburg may be your best chance.

alcohol detox at a rehab in johannesburg addiction centres near me

Why do some people get addicted whereas other people do not?

If a loved one has voiced that they are worried about you and alcoholism. Maybe it’s time to cut back. Thinking that you may need to ask someone else if you are overdoing it. Might be enough of a sign that you clearly are.

High alcohol consumption causes major health problems. Once you realise your drinking is out of control. The best place to find treatment in Gauteng is at our Alcohol Rehab in Ferndale Johannesburg.

Alcoholism is a subtle, progressive disease that starts slowly. With just a couple of drinks a few days out of the week, to full dependency. If you find that you cannot stop. Reach out for help. Houghton House offers expert advice on alcohol addiction treatment options.



Houghton House Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg’s frequently asked questions section.  This section covers information on drugs like crystal meth, kat, nyaope, bath salts, benzos and other addictive and abused substances in detail. We discuss the risk factors and mental health & treatment options in Gauteng for recovery. Come to the Best Rehab in Johannesburg.

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