Treatment For An Employee

Treatment For An Employee

Substance abuse is increasingly presenting as an issue to be dealt with in the workplace. If you know of someone at work who is struggling with alcoholism or addiction call Houghton House to find out more for treatment for an employee on 011 787 9142. We can provide you with information or assist you with an intervention.

Substance abuse is common, and the costs of substance abuse are high for employers. In addition to higher absenteeism and lower job productivity and performance, substance abuse also leads to greater health care expenses for injuries and illnesses. Furthermore, safety and other risks for employers can increase workers’ compensation and disability claims.

Unfortunately, a significant proportion of individuals with substance use disorders do not receive the care they need. This inability to obtain treatment often results from a lack of education about the treatment that is available or a lack of resources to pay for treatment. Many individuals with addiction may also be in denial about their need for treatment.

If you need help or advice on how to deal with a colleague or staff member with a substance abuse problem we will work closely with you to define a suitable way forward. We also offer training programmes relating to substance abuse and addiction treatment with particular focus on training human resource professionals in dealing with substance dependence in the workplace.

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