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We know how difficult it is to watch a loved one engage in the self-destructive, harmful behaviours resulting from substance abuse.   However, there is significant hope, when looking for treatment for a loved one, even for reluctant loved ones.  In our experience, many of our patients develop a willingness and desire to stop drinking and abusing drugs once they are placed in treatment and exposed to the option of recovery.  

Professional Help in Treatment for a Loved One

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A rehab in Joburg for a loved one alcohol and drug abuse.

Watching someone you know and care about battle with an addiction problem has been compared with watching a car accident in slow motion. You can see the impact coming and can almost predict the devastation of the crash, but are completely helpless and powerless to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

These feelings of helplessness, experienced by loved ones of the addicted, often manifest in paralysis and denial allowing the addiction to continue unabated. The denial is typically so strong that the substance abuser is usually the last person to admit that they have a problem. Some may realise that they indeed do have a problem, but simply are unable to face it, and it often requires intervention on the part of the family members or loved ones before an addicted person agrees to finally receive the help they know they require.

Formal Intervention

A formal intervention takes the form of a facilitated meeting of all parties involved — friends, family, colleagues — meeting the alcoholic or addict to confront them about their addiction problem.

Family Intervention Drug / Substance Abuse Reahab Treatment For A Loved One

Once in treatment and free from drugs and alcohol individuals have the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on their problems. At Houghton House, the role of treatment professionals is to motivate alcoholics or addicts to address their problems honestly. The focus of treatment at our centre is to dismantle the denial that fuels the addiction, allowing patients to take responsibility for their situation and offer a new abstinence-based solution to life.

The Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres have facilities and professionals to assist with interventions. Call us at one of our rehabs in Johannesburg today on 011 787 9142 and we will arrange a confidential meeting with you.

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