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World Drug Day 26th June

World Drug Day 26th June

drugabusedayOn 26 June the global spotlight falls on World Drug Day

International Day Against Drug Abuse 
and Illicit Trafficking, 26 June

and we look at the concerning statistics regarding drug abuse as well as the role of rehabilitation in the treatment of addiction.

 The impact of addiction on society is far reaching. It is placing more pressure on medical aids than ever before as payment for not only the addiction, but also related illnesses due to the addiction, takes place.  In addition, the legal system is under pressure due to the ever increasing crime rate, with 50 % of all crimes that can now be attributed to substance abuse. The loss of productivity in the workplace is also costing the economy millions.

Yet, society is asked not to judge. Nobody chooses to become addicted and it is a gradual, yet degrading, physical and psychological process.

The abuse of psycho-active substances has become the solution for people to escape from their harsh realities and “even prescription drugs have become a problem” as it is used as a crutch to overcome daily challenges.

Addiction is defined by a loss of control, despite the negative consequences.  “The addiction to a drug causes a psychological inability  by a person to handle problems. Due to the immense psychological and physiological problems caused by drug abuse, it is interesting to note that after a while addicts no longer use the drugs to feel better, but merely to function normally”.

The increase in substance abuse requires a dynamic, yet sympathetic approach by service providers. At Houghton House: “We are proud of our facilities and the versatile and professional approach of our staff.

Our reputation is founded on our interaction with and support of our patients.

Houghton House offers a comprehensive range of treatment options. In-patient treatment spans both primary care (4-6 weeks) and secondary care (4-12 weeks). Outpatient treatment spans tertiary residential options and out-patient groups and therapy. Outpatient residential accommodation is halfway house accommodation, or aftercare and relapse prevention support, we offer the full continuum of care.

Services like medical assessments, individual, family, and group counseling; supervised recreational activities, and addiction education are incorporated into each of our programmes.

Our treatment programme is based on evidence-based cognitive behavioral, educational, and medical practices to promote and support individuals as they move into recovery and begin living a constructive life.

Lengths of stay and programmes are structured to accommodate the individual needs of clients at various points in their recovery — from detoxification to reintegration into the community.

Our programmes accommodate all levels of care in addiction treatment and our services are delivered in a step-down manner, decreasing in intensity as the client progresses through treatment.

Contact us www.houghtonhouse.co.za or call our office on 011 787 9142

24hr helpline 079 770 7532 and we can assist you with help for yourself or a loved one.

Celebrating Sobriety with Houghton House

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Johannesburg Rehab Centres

Do you know of  a loved one that suffers from an addiction? Do you want to save their lives before it is too late? Houghton House Rehabilitation centre is a professional rehab in Johannesburg that has been the cornerstone for many addicts’ recovery. Houghton House is recognised locally as well as globally and many patients from around the world have once called Houghton House their home.

With the finest facilities and specialised treatment and programs, Houghton House is able to address and combat addiction with a proven track record and has been saving lives for over 21 years.

They offer a wide range of services including inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to ensure the full steps of recovery. Both these facilities are based in Johannesburg. During the rehabilitation process, patients are nurtured, mentored and equipped with the tools to empower their body and mind to fight the disease of addiction.

The facilities are located in a peaceful and nurturing environment within Randburg, Johannesburg as this environment provides a safe place for the recovering addicts to stay in. They can focus on the recovery programs and undergo treatment getting the maximum results. Some of the facilities found at Houghton House are bedrooms for the patients, a swimming pool, secure parking and meeting rooms.

All the treatment programs found at Houghton House such as the Primary Care, Secondary Care, Outpatient Program and Tertiary Care have comfortable facilities that make the treatment process simpler and better. The recovery process for an addict can be very stressful at times but Houghton House provides facilities that can make the recovery process just a little easier.

Furthermore the centre consists of professional Medical Doctors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Addiction Counsellors, Nursing Staff and Consulting Psychologists. Together this team provides the specialised care and treatment that addicts need in order to sustain their recovery.

If you are looking for a place of peace, trust and tranquility, Houghton House is the place for you. Take control of your life today.

Houghton House is one of the best Johannesburg rehab centres. They offer a wide variety of treatment programs that deal with many types of addiction problems from drug addiction to prescription drugs.

Johannesburg rehab centres like Houghton House focus on one-on-one counselling, group therapy and family groups & therapy. Digging deep and finding out the real reasons behind your addiction is a very important part of the recovery process. Getting to know yourself without your addiction is also part of the process.

Johannesburg rehab centres have a lot to offer in terms of recovery. At Houghton House, we don’t see recovery as a 3 month process. It’s an ongoing process that only starts with the inpatient treatment and then continues when you leave and you are faced with tough decisions in your normal environment.

Going through the whole rehab and treatment plan, will increase your chances for recovery significantly.

Call now on 011 787 9142

24hr Emergency Helpline 079 770 7532 (local) +27 79 770 7532

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury Rehab Centers

If you or a loved one have an addiction and have a bit of extra money to spend then a luxury rehab center is the way to go. Going through addiction rehabilitation is an uncomfortable process. You deal with your physical as well as mental withdrawal. You want to be as comfortable as possible whilst you go through recovery.

Luxury rehab centers usually provide patients with very comfortable accommodation, giving the feeling of a resort.There might be extra facilities like a gym, pool and recreation facility.

Whether or not you can afford going to a luxury rehab center, going through withdrawal is going to be uncomfortable no matter what. Being more comfortable won’t take away the fact that you will have a difficult time dealing with your addiction. You have to be prepared and ready to take on the challenge 100%. A luxury rehab center will definitely make the stay a little bit easier.

If you would like more information on what Houghton House Group Of Treatment Centers has to offer call us now:

011 787 9142

24hour Emergency Helpline : 079 770 7532 (local) +27 79 770 7532 (international)

Successful Drug Rehabilitation

Successful drug rehabilitation

Successful Drug Rehabilitation

A Successful Drug Rehabilitation program is absolutely vital for drug addicts who need to recover from their addiction. Addicts receive the care, support and mentorship they need when they are in Houghton House.

Successful drug rehabilitation:
A good attitude and a positive outlook is essential to keep you motivated and prevent you from relapsing. Drug addiction is a serious disease that will break down your self-esteem. During the process of drug rehabilitation, you learn to love and accept yourself, you gain self-confidence and you are able to connect with yourself again. With this, you are equipped with the tools to continue with your rehabilitation after you leave the treatment centre. Once you are back in your familiar surroundings, that is when the real test begins but remember you always have the support you need in the program and at Houghton House.

Making the best of your drug rehabilitation is one of the stepping stones to a successful recovery. Doing the best you can is sufficient enough.

A sustained recovery generally requires the complete spectrum of addiction recovery and treatment, which is exactly what Houghton House Group Of Treatment Centres offers.



World Drug Day 26th June

Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg

Rehabilitation Centres In Johannesburg

South Africa became a part of the global economy after the democracy. People from all over the world arrived in South Africa to do business in this country that was once isolated for many years.

Unfortunately with the boom in trade also came the flood of drugs. The drug market grew and drug addiction became a major problem that could not be handled by the state health system. Therefore the private sector had to step in to help people with the major problem of addiction. After some time many rehab centres were established all over Johannesburg.

Many of the rehabilitation centre’s in Johannesburg provides unique individual treatment for patients since their needs differ from one another. They further involve the patient’s family in the recovery process. This is done in a calm and nurturing environment that helps the patient and family to relax and be open and honest with one another.


Stop Sabotaging your Happiness with Addictive Behaviour

Long Term Treatment For Substance Abuse

Long Term Treatment For Addiction

Wondering about long term addiction treatment?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider long term treatment for substance abuse.

  •  Studies have shown that long term in-house treatment has a much higher success rate than other treatment options. When you go through recovery, you have to change your whole lifestyle and that takes time. So going for long term treatment really makes a big difference in your recovery.
  • When going for long term treatment for substance abuse, you are surrounded by professionals who can give you the tools to deal with your addiction. When you’re going through a tough time, they are there with advice and steps for you to follow.
  • In long term treatment for substance abuse you are also surrounded by other addicts. You share experiences and realise that you’re not alone. Having your peers around you will give you a shoulder to lean on and it really helps having people around you who truly understand what you’re going through.

Long term addiction treatment should always be the first option where possible.

Long Term Addiction Recovery Services

  • Primary Care Recovery
  • Secondary Care Recovery
  • Tertiary Care Recovery
  • Outpatient Recovery

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