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Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong battle.

There is no report card or final grade. A life filled with long-term recovery and a life in sobriety, is a life that will bring you happiness and joy. So much that it may leave you feeling undeserving of the gifts you have been given. Continue reading “Tips To Stay Motivated in Long-Term Sobriety”

Alcohol & Drug Rehab TreatmentAdmissions For All Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction Problems

Successful Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment

Successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment deeply relies on the commitment from the addict. When you decide to start treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction, you need to be committed 100%. A rehab facility will give you all the resources you need to recover, but if you don’t have the right attitude then the treatment is pointless. Continue reading “Successful Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment”

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse on the body Houghton House

The Debilitating Effects of Alcohol

So exactly what Are the Effects of Alcohol?

Alcohol’s impact on you starts immediately you take your first sip. The cumulative effects of alcohol drinking, wine, beer, or spirits takes its toll over a very short period. The effects of alcohol vary from person to person as every person is different. Some people may be able to control their drinking, whereas other people have a tough time controlling anything  – including their alcohol consumption.

First, we should understand what constitutes as “one drink” -in order to fully comprehend the consequences of drinking.

Continue reading “The Debilitating Effects of Alcohol”

what is alcoholism houghton house answers Teen Binge Drinking: The Facts

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism involves the inability to manage drinking habits and is a severe form of alcohol abuse.

It is also called alcohol use disorder. There are three categories of alcohol use disorder: slight, moderate, and severe. Each can cause harmful side effects category and has various symptoms. Any type of alcohol abuse can cause the afflicted to lose control and spiral totally out of control If left untreated.

Persons battling with alcoholism most often feel as though they are unable to function normally without alcohol. This leads to an extensive range of issues that affect and impact personal matters, relationships, professions, and the person’s overall health. Serious side effects of consistent alcohol abuse can worsen and produce hugely debilitating and damaging complications over a very short time Continue reading “What is Alcoholism?”

Johannesburg Addiction Clinics

Johannesburg Addiction Clinics

Johannesburg addiction clinics offer rehabilitation for various forms of addiction.

It’s not easy making the decision to go to rehab, but trying to quit any addiction on your own is much more difficult than going into an addiction clinic. At a Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres, you’ll find all the tools you need to become an addiction success story. Continue reading “Johannesburg Addiction Clinics”

Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg houghton house Rehabilitation Centres for drugs and alcohol

Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg

Concerned about your Privacy when contacting an Addiction Centre in Gauteng?

Many people shy from admitting they have a problem because of the social stigma surrounding addiction, this prevents them from taking action when it is most needed. The person fears that if they ask for help, they will be judged, looked down on or ostracised. Many people continue to struggle with substance abuse because of this shame. Nothing could be further from the actual experience at Houghton house Continue reading “Confidential Drug Rehab in Johannesburg”