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Successful Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment

Successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment deeply relies on the commitment from the addict. When you decide to start treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction, you need to be committed 100%. A rehab facility will give you all the resources you need to recover, but if you don’t have the right attitude then the treatment is pointless.

Family support is vital for successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment. When you have a family who commits to supporting you through your addiction, it increases the chances for you to have a successful recovery.

The road to recovery is not an easy one to travel. You have to face the physical addiction as well as the psychological addiction. Facing the psychological addiction can be overcome through therapy sessions in groups, as well as during the one on one sessions. These factors contribute to a successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment. Houghton House offers addicts everything they require to overcome such addictions. Commitment is the main key to success and a full recovery.

Houghton House Group Of Treatment Centre are located in Ferndale, South Africa. This group specializes successful alcohol & drug rehab treatment and have been helping people overcome their battles for over 22 years. This highly rated centre has brought in many people from all over the world and continues to give positive results.

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Alcohol and the Body: This 'Aint Pretty

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

When someone drinks a lot and is an alcohol addict or alcoholic, the body becomes accustomed to it. As a result, more and more alcohol is needed to get the same effect. This “habit” is called tolerance. Alcohol addiction when someone drinks a lot and is an alcohol addict or alcoholic, the body becomes accustomed to it. The body undergoes severe withdrawal symptoms when the addict tries to stop drinking.

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Causes of alcohol addiction
There are numerous factors that play a varying role in alcohol addiction:

  • Biological factors
    Genetics may play a role. Some people have a genetic predisposition and in fact an increased chance of developing an alcohol addiction.
  • Psychological factors
    Some mental health problems make a person vulnerable to developing an alcohol addiction. Some people might feel more in control when abusing alcohol in difficult situations.
  • Social factors
    The situation or environment such as the family or the workplace, can influence the use of alcohol heavily. People who are brought up in a home where alcohol abuse is normal, might be more inclined to overuse alcohol.

The only way to find out why you abuse alcohol, is to go through rehabilitation and really explore your use. Houghton House provides the perfect environment for you to tackle these tough questions about your alcohol addiction and understand the true reasons for your alcohol abuse.

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