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Addiction Treatment Centres

Affordable Treatment For Addiction

Affordable Treatment For Addiction

Affordable addiction treatment is within reach at Houghton House Recovery Centre.

Unfortunately, our society buries its head in the sand and does not provide addicts with remotely sufficient financial resources for the affordable treatment of addiction. Large funds are spent on sanctions against those whose sins are as a direct or indirect result of their substance abuse. Despite the greatest efforts to limit the influx of drugs, they remain wonderfully cheap and you can get them anywhere on the street. There is always a new smuggler, a new dealer and a new addict to take the vacant spot when their predecessors die or go to jail.

Treatment is affordable, especially when one considers what the omission of treatment on long-term individual and social direct and indirect costs addicts pay. Remained untreated, substance abuse leads to costly medical conditions, psychiatric illness, loss of production, torn families, confrontations with the police, legal procedures and imprisonment. It can also lead to death.

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