My husband – Sober for one year

I honestly did not think Sober for one Year could ever happen
after approximately 30 years of drinking, the last 15 yrs heavily.

I do believe if he hadn’t gone to Houghton House rehab when he did our family would not be together today. So a big thank you to everyone there, and to Andrew who runs the Saturday Houghton House support group meetings, who helped me from the beginning of my journey, To understand that I had no control over my husband’s addiction, and I needed to let go of the guilt I felt and the feelings of “what was I doing wrong” that I couldn’t get him to stop no matter what I did.

Sober for one Year

sober for one yearWhile our lives have not been easy as my husband is not the same person who went into Houghton House, nor the same person I married 20 years ago. (We are attending marriage counselling) Our children finally have a father who is present, I am hoping all the hard work we are all putting in will pay off.

After the initial Houghton House rehab, he attended the 3 meetings a week Houghton House offers, which I insisted he attended if he wanted to come home. Since then he attends AA meetings weekly, which I do believe he enjoys attending, no nagging from me to get him to go.

Today I am grateful that we have reached this point and has been Sober for one Year.

Sober for one year

To everyone who is where I was a year ago, things can change and they can get better.

Thanks again everyone

PS – I just wanted everyone to know whilst it’s not been easy… We are getting there and my husband is working so hard in doing the right things, every day gets better.


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