Relapsing in the Holidays? – My Incredible Journey to Recovery

As an addict, life was tough, self inflicted yes, but tough – tougher leading up to and during holidays – it always felt like going into a perpetual twilight—a shadowy existence looming where the high, cravings and despair intertwined. Fighting it was hard and I bounced from using, to rehab, to doctor, to using.
But … I found Houghton House, a light of hope that illuminated my path toward self healing.
Let me share my story – journey to recovery a testament to how this remarkable facility transformed my life.


Embracing the Whole Person

At Houghton House, they don’t just see the addiction; they saw me — mind, body, and spirit. Their approach recognizes that addiction isn’t merely physical; it’s a complex web of emotions, memories, and struggles. From the moment I stepped through their doors, I felt understood. The compassionate staff acknowledged my pain, my journey to recovery and offered a lifeline.

Safe Spaces and Shared Journey to Recovery

Holidays were always my Achilles’ heel—a time when cravings clawed at my resolve. But Houghton House provided safe spaces—support groups where I met fellow warriors. We shared our experiences, fears, and victories. In those moments, I realized I wasn’t alone. Others had battled similar demons, and together, we forged bonds of camaraderie and hope.

Flexible Paths to Healing

Recovery isn’t one-size-fits-all. Houghton House recognized this. Their full-time residential program cocooned me in structure, shielding me from triggers. But life doesn’t always pause for recovery. Their part-time facilities allowed me to attend therapy and counseling in my journey to recovery while maintaining my daily routines. It was a lifeline for those balancing work, family, and healing.

Guided by Recovering Hearts

The heartbeat of Houghton House lies in its team—accredited professionals many who’ve walked the same path – Alex will always be my hero. Doctors, nurses, and counselors who’ve faced addiction head-on. Their empathy isn’t textbook; it’s etched in their scars. They understood my cravings, my fears, and my fragile victories. Their commitment to excellence ensured I received the best care—because they’d been there too.

My Journey to Recovery Breaking Free

Rehab is for Quitters … well exactly!
This holiday weekend, I choose Houghton House Rehab to help me in my journey to recovery.
I have 3 meetings this long weekend and I know it all helps and it all works.
Together, we break free from the chains of addiction. The shadows recede, replaced by a glimmer of possibility.

If you’re reading this, know that you’re not alone. Reach out—Houghton House awaits, ready to guide you toward the light.


“In the darkest moments, we find our strength. Recovery is not a straight path, but it is a journey to recovery worth taking.”

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