Glynis H`s Success Story (An Alcoholic getting Sober)

Glynis H’s Success Story – An Alcoholic Getting Sober

Me? Alcoholic? Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t swear and shout and argue. Yes, I drink alcohol but only four percent wine. I’m not going to end up sleeping in the park. I’ve got a great life. I’m a good person. I have a lovely home and super family.

Well, I did. And I didn’t even know I was throwing it away. I drank every day and, yes, afternoon and evening. But it was only wine! My husband drank whiskey – much stronger. I went to bed by 9 every night – TV not worth watching, sons no longer at home, and husband watching sport. Weekends – great! Went a bit haywire sometimes but so did everyone else. What are parties for?

Husband did come home a couple of times after golf to find me passed out on the bed, or floor. Showed me a photograph. Yes, not good. However life goes on. What can you do? I did give up drinking twice, but it didn’t last.

At the end of January 2013 my husband asked me to leave. He provided me with a flat and a car. Two weeks later, unbeknownst to me, my son drove me to Houghton House.

A body went in and Glynis came out.

Without my son and Houghton House counsellors, I’m not sure where I would be now. In July 2013 husband and I were divorced and I was on my own for the first time in sixty something years. At the beginning of this year I threw 2013 out the window.

I am now a strong, sober, independent and caring woman. Unfortunately the serenity isn’t 100 percent yet, but I’m working on it! I am now a person worth knowing. I am aware of what is around me. I see, I feel, I am aware, I smile, I enjoy, I touch, I hear.

Once I realised and accepted that I needed AA, the light started to shine and life just became better and better all by itself.

I have had huge support from my son and friends and family and I thank you all.

Heavy drinkers, please realise you need help. Once you accept you are alcoholic and get help from Alcoholics Anonymous, life really does start getting better. I know. I’ve been there. It really is worth the effort.

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