A Brothers Grateful Message to HH

How grateful I am to Houghton House.

I will never be able to express it  – 3 years ago I had given up hope on my sister. She was a shadow of her former self. She was lost – hollow, consumed by drugs and alcohol. I had given up on her. She had been to treatment centres before (3 to be precise) and Houghton House was her last chance at recover Close to death, fighting us every step of the way, she eventually made it through the gate and entered Houghton House.

She was in treatment for months. When she left primary and secondary treatment she came home but decided to move to the halfway house instead. I couldn’t believe she made a positive decision like that. It blew my mind – but still, I didn’t trust her. It took over a year for me to acknowledge just how committed she was to her recovery. She was constantly at meetings, she made new friends and completely shut out her old life. Her eyes slowly got their sparkle back – I got my sister back.

It’s been 3 years and I have seen her grow into a person I am proud of – someone I look up to. To be honest, I used to be ashamed of her, her insanity and her chaotic behaviour. I recall those dark days with a hint of resentment toward her – but then I realize she was not a bad person then – she was a sick person. And I am grateful she is getting better.

I am proud to call her my sister.

Thank you for giving me my sister back. I don’t know what you did, what you said or how she ended up clean and sober – but she would not have done it without Houghton House, NA and her incredible recovery friends.

Thank you,

A grateful Brother.

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