Victoria Webster

Clinical Psychologist at Houghton House

Masters Clinical Psychology

“If you keep going where you are going, you will end up where you are heading”

Victoria completed her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology through the University of Witwatersrand. Victoria has also completed a Masters degree in research psychology at the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining Houghton House in 2015, Victoria has worked in a rehabilitation centre in Cape Town specialising in alcohol, drug and sugar addiction.

She has also worked in several government psychiatric institutions, including Tara Hospital where she worked in the eating disorder unit. Aside from addiction, Victoria is interested in eating disorders and personality disorders. She also has a passion for physical well-being and the impact that eating and exercise has on emotional functioning.

At Houghton House her roles include individual therapy, group therapy, family consulting, lecturing and running workshops. These workshops focus on identifying emotions in order to effectively deal with them. They also focus on coping mechanisms and skills for everyday functioning.

Victoria has published work in the journal of Neurovirology in 2002 as well as presenter at the Psychological Society of South Africa Conference in 2009. Although Victoria has a diverse range of experience, she has found her passion lies in addiction and the behavioural and emotional difficulties that overlap with this disease.

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