Recovery Matters

Vicky Talbot

A registered psychologist with a Master’s degree in community-based counselling psychology from WITS University.

“Only once you are honest with yourself, can things begin to change”

Vicky stayed on at Wits University to work with students at the Counselling and Careers Development Unit. Here she carried out group and individual psychotherapy, psychological assessment and psychoeducation for school and university students.

Over the past six years, she has engaged in community interventions in multiple setting with diverse groups of people. It became evident to Vicky that a recurring issue for many communities was that of substance abuse and it’s far reaching effects on individuals, families and friends, and the communities as a whole. This initiated an interest in working with addiction.

Vicky is an advocate for holistic approaches to wellbeing; these encompassing a focus on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. A dysfunction in one area can create difficulties in the others for an individual, which in turn can impact the people around them – at home, at work and socially. She enjoys taking an integrated approach in her work.


“If nothing changes, nothing changes”

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