Sanam Naran

Counselling Psychologist

“Recovery is hard. Regret is harder.

Whilst studying towards her bachelor’s degree, Sanam became interested in subfields such as developmental and community psychology, personality pathology, and psychological assessment. It was this interest that led her to enroll for courses which she found particularly stimulating upon commencing with her honours degree, namely, personality and psychopathology, as well as ecosystemic psychology. After completing her honours, she extended her degree into practical psychometry which led her to register as a psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

She then successfully completed her master’s degree and professional training as a psychologist at the University of Witwatersrand with a distinction in coursework, which was complimented by research into the agency of sex workers in Johannesburg, revolving around the intersections between race, class, nationality and gender.  She fulfilled the degree’s practical training component at the Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD). During her internship she was extensively trained in psychological assessment and psychotherapy for various mental disorders.

Although Sanam has multiple interests, she has found her passion lies in addiction and the intricacies of this disease.