Dr Hashendra Ramjee

MBBCh – GP with an interest in addiction treatment

“A multidisciplinary approach gives people in recovery the best chance of staying clean”

Dr Ramjee completed his medical degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1997. He worked and trained for two years in the United Kingdom in the field of specialised addiction medicine.

He returned to South Africa in 2005 with this specialist knowledge and skill-set and joined the GAP, a residential treatment centre established by Dan Wolf, Dr Charles Perkel and Allan Sweiden.

Dr Ramjee was also instrumental in the establishment of SANCA Nishtara, a non-profit inpatient treatment programme in Lenasia, and he serves as an executive member on the board of the South African Addictions Medicine Society.

Dr Ramjee focuses on the physical and medical progress of patients as they move through treatment. He conducts an initial physical and a mental health assessment and then oversees a patient’s progress from detoxification and stablisation to medication management and relapse prevention.

In order to maintain a continuity of care Dr Ramjee communicates with Houghton House staff and each patient’s own psychiatrists and physicians. When patients are discharged a relapse prevention and aftercare strategy is discussed and this is communicated to relevant practitioners enabling them to participate in the ongoing recovery of their patients.


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