Alex Hamlyn


Founder and Director of Houghton House  Alex Hamlyn / NAADAC; UKPCBADC

“If you want to stop using, you are going to have to stop using”

Alex Hamlyn is a nationally recognised expert in addiction rehabilitation.

Since 1995 Alex has been involved with several prominent addiction recovery practices and participated in numerous road-shows, seminars, training programmes, authorship and advisories on the field of addiction rehabilitation. As a certified member of the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counsellors (NAADAC) and an accredited additions counsellor in the United Kingdom Professional Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counsellors (UKPCBADC) since 2000, Alex is well qualified to handle virtually any substance abuse case.

Alex specialises in the field of groupwork with addicted populations, and has been running groups for over 20 years. He maintains that groupwork is one of the most powerful dynamics available in psychotherapy and dealing with the underlying motives and involvements of addiction relapse and recovery.

He currently provides counselling and group treatment services from the recovery facilities where he supervises and coaches numerous addiction counsellors both inside and outside of the Houghton House Group.

Alex also trains counsellors, human resources departments, medical professionals, student counsellors and a number other professionals including doctors studying at the University of the Witwatersrand school of family medicine, through a series of specialised courses namely 12 Core Functions of Addiction Counselling and Counselling the Addicted Communities.

Alex has walked the harrowing road of heroin and crack cocaine addiction into recovery and has remained clean and motivated since 1994 and continues to be active both inside the and out of the substance abuse community. See Youtube video Here

Alex Hamlin drug recovery center houghton HouseMeet him on Facebook at “Friends of Houghton House” or at meetings of CA (Cocaine Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), where he still contributes regularly.

Alex Hamlyn and co-director Dan Wolf have worked together for almost ten years at Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres, offering the full spectrum of addiction treatment options providing effective and successful treatment for substance abuse and psychological issues involving drug addiction, alcohol addiction,  gambling addiction and sex addiction.

Houghton House has been in operation for over 23 years.

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