Independent Approach To Addiction

At the Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres we believe that Addiction Treatment Approach can be seen as synonymous with dependence and the antidote to dependence is independence. Our programmes are designed to promote a shift from dependence to independence. In this way, clients are able to start dealing with life on its own terms rather than remaining stuck in adolescence.

This does not necessarily entail only financial independence, but also a process of maturation. Clients learn how to tolerate the discomforts of life, to delay gratification and deal with disappointment without the use of drugs. By moving through our recovery process, men and women begin to see that life requires effort and is not meant to be easy, but with our Addiction Treatment Approach, rehabilitation can be rewarding and filled with happiness despite occasional hardships.

The Importance of Aftercare in Recovery from Addiction Treatment ApproachThis shift away from an amusement-park mentality unfolds as individuals learn to take responsibility for their emotions and for their own day-to-day functioning. This can begin with seemingly insignificant details of their daily life, from washing a car to attending appointments on time or following through with verbal commitments. This psychic shift is not about externalising or blaming their dysfunction on external factors but is rather focused on methods of finding and maintaining a new and different way of being.

Based on the understanding that addiction is not a moral failing, but a recognised and diagnosable disease, we believe that individuals suffering from addictive disorders deserve and require evidence-based treatment which targets the whole person as well as the disease. Throughout the process, every client is treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Our concept in the effective treatment of chemical dependency is based on a cost-effective year-long treatment programme which is built around individual needs and designed to keep participants clean and sober. The programme decreases in intensity and cost as the year progresses. There is a dual focus on integrating participants back into society and facilitating long-term stable sobriety. We encourage participants to engage in a culture of recovery and form a long-lasting support structure through a commitment to the Twelve Step fellowship. There is also structured family involvement throughout the treatment process.

At the Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres we have been treating addiction for over 24 years with our Addiction Treatment Approach.

Addiction Treatment should last a year

Good outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length. Treatment of less than ninety days is of limited effectiveness. Programmes lasting significantly longer than ninety days are related to positive outcomes. This helps to explain the perception that addiction treatment is ineffective. Treatment does work, it’s just that it often doesn’t go on long enough for it to be effective.

Treatment should be integrated

At the Houghton House Group of Treatment Centres, we offer a full range of integrated treatment options. This includes primary, secondary and tertiary care, all offered on an inpatient and outpatient basis. What this means practically is that you may start your recovery by completing a four or six-week inpatient programme, or a six-week outpatient programme. On completion of this first phase, you may go into a secondary care facility (ours is called The Gap), or do an aftercare programme as an outpatient (ours is called First Step). You may then proceed to the next phase which could be doing one group a week or just continuing your individual work with your focus therapist. Family members are brought in at all points in the treatment process. Our unique selling point at Houghton House is that long-term treatment planning starts when we first meet you. When you are in the first phase you’ll already be meeting the team that will be working with you in the next phase. By viewing addiction as a disease, and offering continuing care and monitoring, we are able to effectively assist people to get clean and stay clean, no matter what.

Treatment should be affordable

Our model of viewing effective treatment as being a year-long process is based on the idea that the longer clean time a person gets, the less intensive and therefore the less costly treatment should become. Whilst primary treatment represents a life-saving investment of inestimable value in the life of the addicted person and their family, continuing care options become considerably more affordable. All our services can be claimed from medical aid.

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