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Finding the right Drug Treatment Clinic to meet your specific needs can take time and be confusing. Our purpose is to help you choose the best Drug Rehab Centre in Johannesburg which matches both your treatment and rehab requirements but also your budget and preferred style of help.

Houghton House has over two decades of experience dealing and helping with addiction and related issues in the addiction fields in JohannesburgHoughton House is the ideal Drug Treatment Clinic in Johannesburg for you. Call us Now!

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Houghton House Residential Centre
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Drug Treatment Clinic in Johannesburg

Going through recovery alone is not advisable, as the success rate is far lower than Houghton House Drug Treatment.

With inpatient Treatment Clinic the addict books into rehab for  30 days and up to three months. During this time, they take part in various therapies including group therapy, individual therapy, relapse prevention therapy, workshops, cognitive behavioural therapy & complimentary activities, fitness programs, meditation, relaxation massages, yoga, etc. There is 24-hour supervision & assistance available as well as an extensive aftercare program.

The inpatient Drug Treatment Clinic gives the addict everything he/she might need to get through recovery successfully. The best chance an addict has at successful recovery is going through inpatient rehab treatment.

 Assessment and Evaluation in Johannesburg

Our private assessment process begun in the first phone call and continued in a meeting with a senior Houghton House counsellor will determine whether treatment makes sense for you or your loved one seeking help and treatment —Being comfortable in this difficult time is encouraged and finding the right addiction rehabilitation centre is important to your eventual wellbeing
If your condition involves many and multipart problems, we endorse residential evaluation so the Houghton House multidisciplinary team of addiction Drug Treatment Clinic specialists can over the course of the initial period learn more about your personal issues and addiction and work out the best processes to counter addiction and put a rehabilitation plan into action.

Learn more about our assessment and evaluation process.

Houghton House Drug Treatment Clinic

Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sexIn developing the treatment plan, realising that with addiction, every individual’s condition is different, our multidisciplinary treatment team will consider multiple options, including:
• substances used by the patient
• the patient’s physical health and condition
• the patient’s mental health
• how the addiction affects family relationships

Developing the best possible addiction treatment plan, it is crucial to understand these variables and it is important to consider the required therapies, services, and medications that may be needed—to help with recovery and mental stability through the process.
Main treatment activities include:
• educational sessions
• individual sessions
• group sessions
• special-focus sessions & groups

For more information on Drug Treatment Clinics in Johannesburg  and dealing with alcohol or  substance abuse and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

office hours:  011 787 9142

24/7 emergency helpline: 079 770 7532

Click on the green envelope below and fill in our contact form, and one of our Professional Drug Treatment Clinic staff members will get back to you via email or phone, respecting your anonymity and privacy at all times.The journey continues, Bones – The journey continues “No Matter What”., Best Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa

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