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Drug Treatment Centers South Africa for Addiction, finding the right Addiction Treatment in Gauteng is important. The best South African Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers are in Johannesburg. Here are a few links to the  Drug Treatment Centers South Africa and Alcohol Treatment Centers, we treat all addictions, including alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling, sex, and porn addiction.

Drug Treatment Centers South Africa rehab in jhb

Houghton House has a fantastic caring professional staff who are also involved with the  Secondary Care programme. After patients are complete with the first stage inpatient treatment, there is the option of a popular and effective longterm care and outpatient programme.

Drug Treatment Centers South Africa

For more information on Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Rehab or  substance abuse in South Africa and getting yourself into a Gauteng Rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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