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Porn Addiction

Porn & Sex Addiction in the Workplace

Porn and Sex Addiction is a Huge Workplace Issue

Kenneth Wilson on Workplace Porn & Sex Addiction
Kenneth Wilson – Director of Houghton House Outpatient Services.

How to deal with Porn in the Workplace

As one of the registered Counselling Psychologists at Houghton House  Kenneth treats patients with Porn issues, Love addiction and sex addiction. These addictions are seen as are intimacy disorders and needs for control, power, love or affection. Like all addictions, intimacy disorders like sex addiction and love addiction are progressive in nature. More Details at 

Two-thirds of human resources professionals said in a survey they’ve discovered pornography on employee computers. Nearly half of those, 43 percent, said they had found such material more than once. – study conducted by Business & Legal Reports.

A  study of 350 companies found that one-third of workers admitted passing along porn at some time – and half of all workers said they’d been exposed to sexually explicit material by co-workers. – study conducted by Queen’s University

Indicators of Sexual Addiction in the workplace

Porn Addiction

So how do you know if someone you work with suffers from sex or porn addiction? While a definite analysis for sexual addiction could only be done by a mental health expert, the behavior patterns below can indicate its occurrence in any setting.

  1. Acting out: an ongoing pattern of extreme and out-of-control sexual conduct
  2. Undergoing severe penalties due to sexual conduct, and a failure to stop even with these adverse costs
  3. Insistent quest of self-destructive conduct
  4. Continuing wish or struggle to control sexual behavior
  5. Sexual fascination and fantasy as the main managing approach
  6. attempting to increase the quantity of sexual experience as the present level of activity is no longer adequate.
  7. Severe attitude and temper changes linked to sexual activity
  8. Excessive amounts of time spent finding sex, being sexual, and recuperating from extreme sexual practices.
  9. Disregard of important community, work-related, or recreational events because of sexual conduct.

Telltale signs of what this looks like in the workplace.

  • Secretive behaviour hiding Internet use.
  • Deteriorating work performance
  • Retreating away from others
  • Amplified petulance
  • Lack of sleep and deteriorating wellbeing
  • Deteriorating personal interactions
  • Unsuitable sharing of sexual stories and anecdotes with others

as disorder gradually gets worse, the symptomatic conduct and their related costs become more obvious to friends and coworkers.

The presence of four or more of these signs within a six month period of time is a strong indicator that this individual may have a serious problem and require some help or intervention.

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