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by Sanam Naran – Counselling Psychologist

Houghton House provides Patients with a second chance at life.

“Houghton House are regarded as the top private rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg, offering the full spectrum of treatment for all addictive disorders and associated problems. And although Houghton House is based in Johannesburg, they recognise that addiction can affect people from all areas and spheres of the world. Due to this, Houghton House is open to accommodate people from local and international destinations, as long as the COVID-19 bylaws do not restrict travel.” See also:>>The link between substance and behavioural addiction<<

Houghton House an Internationally Regarded Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.Recognising that that residing locally may be easier to attain treatment at Houghton House, however, staying in other areas of South Africa, Africa and internationally should not be seen as a barrier to accessing our specialized treatment.

The Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg treatment have comprehensive options that involve in-patient and out-patient facilities that focus on detoxification, psychological treatment, aftercare, as well as, relapse prevention.

Comprehensive Assessment

This assessment involves an initial meeting with an expert on addiction from our multidisciplinary team. The purpose of this meeting is to assess the level of dysfunctionality and how the addiction has impacted different aspects of the patient’s life, their physical and mental health state and their support structure. This is done in order to make the appropriate recommendations for the patient and to cater their treatment to their unique needs.  Should the patient be unable to attend this assessment due to residing abroad, an online assessment can be done for convenience.

Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg
Primary Care

Primary Care involves a 30-day programme that the patient undergoes. This involves a stringent detoxification process, along with psychological assistance through psychotherapy, group therapy, lectures and other therapeutic activities. Patients from afar, considering receiving treatment at Houghton House will be required to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa and will be welcomed within our programme.

Secondary Care

The General Addiction Programme is the extended inpatient care programme which is catered to provide patients with intensive psychological treatment around their addiction and possible past traumas. As mentioned above, patients will be required to travel from their place of residence to their secondary treatment at out Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg.The General Addiction Programme for Alcoholics and drug addicts is our premier Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg.

Outpatient Services

The First Step Outpatient Programme was created in order to cater to those individuals that are struggling with addiction but are unable to stay in the in-patient facility due to financial or employment commitments. Although, the Outpatient Programme requires the patient to travel daily or a few days a week, therefore, this may not be practical for someone living abroad. However, if the patient from afar chooses to complete the Outpatient Programme, they are welcomed and accommodated at our Virtual Rehabilitation process for using technologies like Zoom WhatsApp and Skype.

Halfway Houses at our Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg

Houghton House’s Aspen and York Halfway Houses are tertiary care facilities at our Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg which allow patients to practice sober living whilst seeking employment and reintegrating back into society after having undergone an in-patient programme. York Halfway house is one of the properties that our Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg has patients staying at for extended periodsThis may only be an option for someone from abroad if they are in possession of a visa/study or work permit that allows for them to stay in the country for a certain period of time, as the Halfway Houses are a long-term commitment for some depending on circumstance.

We are aware that top-rated treatment centres may not be prevalent in remote areas and seem to be in access within the metropolitan. This is why it must be made aware that Houghton House welcomes patients from all areas of the world, should they which to access our treatment programme.Aspen Halfway house is another of the properties that our Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg services

Family Involvement

It is important to note that family involvement is often imperative in the patient’s recovery and this is something we place emphasis on. Although, this may prove challenging for a patient that has decided to travel from afar to access treatment in Johannesburg. This should not be seen as deterrence, as we at the Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg are committed to involving family members through other communicative modes such as telephone, SKYPE/Zoom and even written letters.

We recognise that there may be a number of barriers to access help but geographical location should not be one of them. Thus, we are able to accommodate patients from different parts of the globe, locally and internationally. Our treatment programme caters to people from different cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses.

Our COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the recent COVID-19 ease on travel restrictions, patients from all across the world may now be permitted to travel to our Rehabilitation Centres in Johannesburg and receive treatment at Houghton House, thus, COVID-19 should not serve as a barrier either.

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