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Considered by many as the best private rehab in South Africa. Houghton House has a fantastic success rate helping and combatting addiction whether it be drug addiction, alcohol addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction or sex addiction.

Treatment Far from Home

22 years the best Rehab in South AfricaBecause of the reputation of success Houghton House has, many of its clientele come from far and wide. South Africa may seem a long way to travel to receive help for the debilitating affliction of addiction, but many of our successful international and expat clients say that it is exactly what has worked for them – it’s the distance from their normal environment that allows them the ability escape and to then focus on the issue at hand. This combined with the intensive and expert help that they received at Houghton House from the experienced and effective staff makes all the difference to their recovery. Many patients who have been in and out of multiple rehabilitation centres consider that the trip and the stay at the “House” was the turning point for their lives and their recovery.

Minnesota Model of treatment

Rehab in South Africa Minnesota modelHoughton House Rehab offers its clients a world-class process of multidisciplinary treatments based on the Minnesota Model. This treatment provides the high success rate of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation designed specifically around the needs of people suffering from addiction and mental health disorders in this modern world. Our experienced and savvy team of multi-disciplinary staff offer a varied but all-inclusive programme. Professional therapists, counsellors, phycologists and psychiatrists work with you, step by step through the process guiding and coaching you as you move towards your rehabilitation goals and gain control of your life and your body.

Houghton House Rehabilitation Centre combines realistically affordable rates with a close relationship with all the leading and international medical aids and hospital plans, allowing us to deliver a world-class and effective treatment plan and holistic process at an affordable rate particularly when considering the cost of many clinics and facilities in other countries.

Treatment Phases at Houghton House Rehab in South Africa

The primary phase focuses largely on detox, cleansing, medical and psychologist’s assessment. In the first few days, clients build up a relationship with their counsellor and the medical staff and get to know the facility, daily programme and lectures. The initial phase focused on the recognised primary addiction; drugs, alcohol, co-dependency or gambling with individual and group sessions during the week.

Recovering addicts at what we consider to be the finest Rehab in South Africa would normally move on into our Secondary Phase which allows them to put learned concepts into practice and work with new behaviours external excursions and meetings – some recovering addicts feel that they are not ready for this step, may choose to move into an extended primary stage.

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The extended primary stage offers a level of responsibility and freedom that are not as extensive as those that come with being in the Secondary Phase. Extended Primary would also be for clients who are trapped in their recovery process and require additional primary based treatment to explore primary based issues that are always present during the earlier stages of recovery. Houghton House recommends a continuing relationship with our aftercare services specifically designed in creating an essential sense of comfort.

Houghton House is located in the centre of Johannesburg in a leafy suburban area, the mild winters and warm summer climate allow outdoor activities all year round, and a focused and intensive stay that results in a lifelong positive change in attitude and habits.

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