Polmed aims to provide comprehensive care for its SAPS (South African Police Service) members.

Focused Treatment Programs

Polmed has specific programs or dedicated care pathways for Houghton House addiction and mental health treatment. Their commitment extends to SAPS members seeking help.

Inpatient Coverage

  • Polmed covers a substantial portion of costs associated with inpatient rehabilitation at approved facilities.
  • Importantly, this coverage also extends to spouses and children of Polmed members.

Outpatient Support

  • Some Polmed plans include coverage for outpatient therapy, support group participation, and medication management post-rehab.

Getting Treatment Authorized

  • Pre-authorization is required for addiction treatment.
  • Houghton House intake staff will call Polmed directly, and they’ll work with the relevant ICD-10 codes for pre-authorization.
  • No need to involve your doctor or a specialist for demonstrating medical necessity.

Important Considerations

  • If your Polmed policy has been active for more than a year and is up-to-date, they’ll confirm 21 days of inpatient rehabilitation treatment for you or your loved one.
  • Keep your Polmed medical aid details up-to-date, as policies may change.

Member Experiences with Rehabilitation Services Through Polmed

  • Houghton House Addiction Rehab has successfully treated SAPS members through their Primary Care rehab center.
  • We understand the unique challenges faced by police officers in South Africa.
  • Polmed will provide sick notes that maintain confidentiality regarding the reason for time off work.
  • Their goal is to help SAPS members return to full functioning at work and flourish in their careers.

Expert Tips for Maximizing Rehabilitation Coverage with Polmed

  • Houghton House Addiction Rehab handles the pre-authorization details on your behalf.
  • Their expert admin staff ensure accurate data is provided to medical aids, facilitating members’ access to help.
  • Here are the key points regarding addiction treatment coverage:

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)

  • Like other medical aids, addiction treatment is covered under PMBs.
  • This includes inpatient rehabilitation and detoxification services.
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