Activities in Addiction Recovery at Houghton House

Recreation therapy is an integral component of Houghton House’s inpatient addiction treatment programmes. We understand that addiction recovery is not easy and our activity therapy programs balance the rigours of counselling and group sessions with recreational fun.

People who have dealt with drug and alcohol addiction often find it hard to find other Activities in Addiction Recovery to fill their time that does not involve the negative behaviours with which they were once so familiar. One key step in the addiction recovery process is for addicts to learn how to have a fun-filled sober lifestyle. Though we are based in Randburg we encourage patients to learn new skills through sports, recreational and creative activities. This helps build interpersonal relationships and provides growth experiences that can help people make fundamental changes in their lives. It also helps the patients to find new activities they may enjoy or simply help them to stay physically fit.

Just a few of the Activities in Addiction Recovery in which patients may be able to participate include hiking, white water rafting, yoga, boot camp, mosaicing and volunteering time at the Princess Alice Adoption Home.[/intro]

Princess Alice Home for Adoption


Activities in Addiction Recovery Kettle Bells

Hiking Activities in Addiction Recovery

The time to enter Activities in Addiction Recovery is now! For more information on how to help yourself  with Activities in Addiction Recovery or a loved one with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction issue and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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