Kosher & Halaal Rehabilitation Centre for Drugs & Alcohol in Johannesburg Gauteng?

Asking yourself this question? There aren’t that many Kosher Rehabs or Halaal Rehabs in Gauteng which cater to both religiously observant Jews and Muslims. But Houghton House is one. And we’re proud of this fact. Indeed, one of our directors is strictly religious himself, so he understands the necessity of practising one’s principles.

Why a Kosher Rehab? Why a Halaal Rehab?

Why a kosher rehab? Why a halaal rehabAddiction is a disorder of the brain. It can affect anyone. Even those who treat their bodies as temples can succumb to this disease. So, we see a lot of patients who are religious and practice those religions – in general – with diligence.

There is no shame in the fact that a loved one, who is religious, has developed a drug or alcohol dependency. It happens to 10% of the population on average and the religious are not exempt.

This is why we make our addiction treatment centres in Gauteng warm, welcoming, and accommodating for those who want to practice their faith. Certainly, where they are able to eat nourishing, high-quality kosher, or halaal meals that fulfil both their body and their soul.

Specially catered food for Jews and Muslims.

We offer only the best professional services in our catering. These are approved by the relevant Jewish and Muslim bodies. The food prepared for our patients is kept separate from food served to the general clientele. This is to reassure you that no customary laws are violated. We are very strict in conduct when it comes to these matters.

Just because you or a loved one has an addiction or alcohol problem doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best care possible. And you certainly deserve to have your right to eat as your faith dictates respected.

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres in Gauteng.

Because of our ability to accommodate all our patients, from whatever religious background they hail from, they have access to one of South Africa’s best rehabilitation facilities.

You or your loved one will be able to benefit from an expert and empathetic counselling team. They will ensure issues that have led up to addiction are resolved. Completely without judgment. In fact, part of the treatment process is helping to reconcile the past guilt of having an addiction problem while being religiously Jewish or Muslim.

And our nurses and doctors are here to make sure detoxing is done under appropriate medical supervision while taking into account religious needs.

Why a kosher rehab? Kosher & Halaal Rehabilitation

Food for the mind, exercise for the body.

We want all our patients to have the perfect nutrition as their bodies and minds heal from the damage done. And a varied diet fulfils those needs. That’s why Houghton House ensures the meals for our Jewish and Muslim patients aren’t just kosher and halaal. But also appropriately distinct to satisfy the major food groups.

In addition, we have in both our Primary and Secondary Care facilities in Gauteng opportunities to exercise and get back into shape. This helps when it comes to the intense therapeutic sessions which will de-programme the addictive thinking that led to this point.

So that when you or your loved one walks out of treatment, they’re ready for a new way of life. Without compromising on their Jewish or Muslim traditions.

We respect how their religious conviction will give them the strength to fight this incredible battle. And that’s a big part of our reasoning for catering kosher and halaal meals in our Johannesburg Group of Treatment Centres.

Now that’s food for thought at Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres.

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