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The Houghton House Joburg Rehab addiction treatment has been refined at our treatment centres. The inpatient and outpatient programmes at our  Johannesburg Rehab deal with all addictions and enable addicts and addiction sufferers from all walks of life, colours creeds and religions to break free of their addiction and disorders. The recovery programme deals with individual issues and the basis of ongoing addictions and subsequent relapses. Houghton House professional staff target the self-destructive and repetitive behaviour that drug addicts and alcoholics continue to process.
The exclusive treatment for dual-diagnosis clients is based on the 12 step recovery principals from South Africa’s best private rehab treatment centre in Johannesburg. Contact one of our professional staff members for more information on how you can gain access to this service in Johannesburg.

Houghton House helps people in Johannesburg and South Africa who battle with addiction with drugs, alcohol and other addictions.
There is always hope, no addict is impossible to heal. We know addiction can be beaten.


Johannesburg addiction and rehab centres for interventions, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

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Outpatient and Counselling care groups at Houghton House Johannesburg rehab clinics

Three Private residential treatment centres

Professional Doctors, Nurses, trauma & life coach counsellors.

For more information on Drug Addiction Treatment, Alcohol Rehab or  substance abuse in Johannesburg South Africa and getting yourself into Rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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