When ignoring the issue is no longer possible

We need to confront the situation before a crisis forces us to confront the tragedy of addiction…

Houghton House’s approach to intervention

Based on specific strategies  that are selected to direct the process of  the evaluation and intervention, and the planning, selection, and implementation on the basis of the addict’s desired outcomes, taking  all the evaluated data, and evidence into account .

Types of Interventions


Rather than staging a huge gathering of people to confront your loved one, sometimes a single family member facing the addicted person, asking them to stop using drugs and begin a comprehensive addiction treatment program, is all it takes to bring about change. With or without a professional interventionist present to assist, this one-on-one intervention can be very effective.


A classical intervention begins with a planning session that includes everyone except the addicted person. This type of intervention often includes counsel and education for all family members and participants, and is often classified as a Johnson Model intervention. In this type of intervention, family members are able to discuss their part before the official intervention begins. A counselor or interventionist can help prepare every participant in how to handle all potential outcomes to the intervention. This type of intervention often offers support to both the addicted person and the family members of that person.

Family system 

This type of intervention is based on “family systems” theory and treatment. When multiple people in a family struggle with an addiction, co-dependence or conflict, this approach can help treat both the addiction and the family bonds. Family members often continue beyond the initial session, and all family members are encouraged to participate in family counseling and coaching. The addicted person benefits from a changed family experience and greater motivation to recover once everyone gets needed support.


Sometimes a crisis occurs in an addicted person’s life that makes it clear to them and everyone else that rehab is necessary. Rather than planning situations in which the addicted person has become a danger to himself or those around him can turn into impromptu interventions. The immediate objective will be to stabilize the situation and optimize safety. Often, a little tough love is needed in these situations in order to save a life. Rehabilitation can quickly follow.

Types thanks to https://dualdiagnosis.org/ 

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