A Warning on Referral Agencies & Referral Fees

In the course of searching for addiction treatment, you or your family member may visit one of several websites claiming to offer independent and free advice about rehab clinics. They may look like legitimate rehabs but their advice is to direct you towards their client rehabs, to make a commission. these privately-owned companies are known as referral agents.

Many of these websites are operated on the basis of “fee-splitting”, which means that a large proportion of the fee you pay for treatment will be paid to the referral agent. We wish to make our website users aware of this practice so that they can make properly informed decisions about their healthcare.

The referral agencies are an unregulated industry because there are no healthcare professionals involved in operating these helplines. The lack of regulation and transparency in this industry may result in patients being recommended treatment centres that pay the most money to a particular referral agent. Referral agents can also be stakeholders in particular clinics, whilst at the same time claiming to offer independent and impartial advice. The patient or family member calling is often unaware of this conflict of interests.

Houghton House does not work with any referral agencies because of their methods and their lack of transparency.

If you seek a referral to addiction treatment through a referral agency you may not be offered some of the best treatment options available, and you are unlikely to be offered treatment at Houghton House Group of Treatment Centers.

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