Do You Need Rehab? Top Reasons You May Need Addiction Treatment.

Accepting that you may need help with substance abuse or alcoholism may at first be difficult.  It is, however, a step that must be taken sooner rather than later if you intend on living. Yes. If you intend on living. Addiction has the innate ability to destroy your health, meltdown your professional life and cut down your personal life. Countless times lives have been taken away, families separated and even more tragically, kids have been irreparably affected because an addiction has not been tamed and removed. Before these addictions claim your life you should take measures to remove them and in order to do that you need to opt for treatment.

Addict needs help

Possibly an intervention may need to take place

Addicts will do their very best to avoid treatment and even on the insistence that their behavior isn’t normal, they will come up with excuses to justify their behavior and their habits. At the start, even family members and friends will be unable to identify if someone is on the road to addiction but with time the addict will begin showing symptoms that indicate that they need treatment.

People are dying because of drug and alcohol addictions.  What is even worse is that the number of people dying due to drug and substance abuse is increasing rapidly. The need right now is for people to spread as much awareness as they can on this subject and bring it to an end before the rate of deaths reach unmanageable levels.

If you or someone in your family has been using drugs or alcohol, look for signs and symptoms and take them to a rehabilitation centre before it’s too late.

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate that a person may need treatment:

The addict needs help: Withdrawal Symptoms

If you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop using something, it’s an indication that you need help. Withdrawal symptoms can be psychological, mental, emotional and physical. Although drug use itself is not something that should be done anyway, if you are choosing to use, do yourself a favor and watch how you react once you stop taking the drug or alcohol. Do you feel desperate to take the drug? Sick? Behavior changes?  If something’s wrong and your body isn’t responding well you need to take measures to correct it. Discuss it with a loved one and seek treatment because sometimes a nasty stomach ache may not be the only withdrawal that you may be facing.

Seeing yourself doing negative things

An addicts life begins to change when the drug starts to take hold. Unfortunately, these changes aren’t positive.  In fact, they are negative enough that anyone can identify them with relative ease. Let’s take drinking for example. If you see your drinking habit start to affect your professional life or if you see that it is changing your behavior with loved ones then you need to pull back right away and opt for the healthy route, i.e. therapy. Agreed, it’s not easy to accept the fact that you are becoming an addict, but if you do catch the disease in time you can save yourself and those around you a lifetime of pain. Is money something you simply cannot save? Are you having run-ins with the police? Has there been a break up because of your habit? If you have said yes to any of these you can see what we mean by it being easily identifiable.  Also, if you did say yes to any of these we encourage you to seek out help as soon as possible.

The addict needs help:  Party for one

Alcohol Addiction Rehab in JHB

Drinking alone is one of the sure ways to notice that alcoholism is knocking on your door. People generally drink alcohol to unwind, relax and party, and when you are younger it’s often part and parcel of a rebellious status symbol lifestyle. There are many reasons why people drink but it usually has the common denominator of socialising to hold it up. If you see yourself “progressing” from drinking in parties to drinking alone and if you start craving for it when you have no one else around then you are heading towards troubled water and should speak to someone as soon as you can.

The addict needs help:  Health issues show up

Weight issues (losing and gaining), as well as liver and heart issues, are just some of the noticeable health issues which surface as abnormal bodily issues thanks to substance abuse. Internally and less easy to notice from the outside, both psychological and psychiatric issues also begin to present themselves. Drugs and alcohol leave a wide wake of destruction in a very short space of time and sometimes, unfortunately, the toll on a person’s health and wellbeing can be catastrophically affected in a blink of an eye and a jab of a needle.

Hiding substances from loved ones

Hiding something from someone is really only done for a few reasons; guilt, shame or intent. Hiding drugs from the police, for example, is done with the intent to try and avoid getting caught and going to court. Hiding drugs from your loved ones is a different thing altogether. If it’s because of intent, it’s because you intend to trick or lie to them about it. That’s red flag number 1. If it’s because you feel guilty about it, red flag number 2. If it’s because you feel ashamed about it, well that’s red flag number 3. There is no good reason to hide your drugs or alcohol away from a loved one other than for negative reasons. This is a glaring and obvious reminder that if you are doing that, you have a problem and it’s time to seek help.

Battling to carry out regular day to day activities means that the addict needs help.

If you cannot function without taking something to get through the day, you have a dependence on the substance. If you cannot sleep, or cannot work or cannot find a way to do something without first putting a substance into your body, you have an addiction to that substance, end of story.

Using, to block out sadness and loneliness means that the addict needs help.

addiction in us allMany addicts begin using to remove themselves from loneliness, sadness, and depression. There comes a point where you stand on this edge and you believe that no one understands your pain and suffering.  That point is a tipping point and it is almost always the beginning of substance or alcohol use. Knowing that you have sadness, depression or feel down, ahead of reaching that point can often stop you from reaching it and reaching for a drug to try and numb it. Stop and think if you need help before you choose to cover it with drugs and drink.

Personality changes through cravings
mean that the addict needs help.

If you start to get angry and aggressive when you don’t have a substance on hand or in your body, you are in trouble. Mood swings, particularly aggressive ones are a firm indication that an addict needs help. When you become aggressive due to a lack of a drug or if you don’t find some alcohol around when you are craving for it and get angry, the chances are that your body is trying to tell you to get more and that means one thing; addiction. Not being able to control your emotions when a drug is absent from your body is 100% an indication that you have a dependence on that substance.

These are only a few signs you can feel, watch and look out for both for yourself if you are using, or when looking at a loved one who you know or suspect to be using. Rehabilitation is often a hard decision to come to terms with but if an addict needs help, it is the right one and besides, rehabilitation is a far easier route than jail or the mortuary.

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