Houghton House Halfway Houses

Houghton House Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centres offer two Halfway Houses and facilities both situated within close proximity of our primary care and outpatient care centres.

The purpose of the Halfway Houses is to assist patients to further reintegrate into society after an addiction treatment programme in a structured environment whilst working their personal recovery programme.

Halfway HousesOur Halfway Houses can also be utilized in conjunction with our outpatient treatment programme which is run in the evenings from our outpatient centre, this option is ideal for the patient who has work or study commitments and is unable to attend an inpatient treatment programme.

Supportive and encouraging

Our Halfway Houses are geared to be a supportive and encouraging home away from home environment with a structured living arrangement, overseen by a dedicated and caring House Manager.

What are halfway houses and why you should look at them

You’ve gone through your medical detox and finished an inpatient or outpatient program. It’s time for the next part of recovery. Going home is not an option tough it may seem like a break after so much time in dealing with your treatment, for some people, the thought is crushing—especially if you’re going back to a setting that may trigger your addiction relapse or if there isn’t a strong support system at home
So, you’re dedicated to living a new and sober lifestyle but aren’t ready to change back to your home environment.
Halfway houses provide care and space to addicts new to dealing with recovery and are steadfast to living a life without addiction.

Both of our Halfway Houses boast beautiful gardens in a tranquil setting and include the following facilities:


  • Shared Comfortable Bedrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Television with DSTV in lounge area
  • On-site and secure parking
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Laundry
  • Meals

For further information on our facilities please contact Houghton House
on 011 787 9142 or after hours on 079 770 7532.


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