Overview of the downside of the Dangers of Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a typical party drug, aimed at a music night market and also to weekend festivals. Sleep is literally driven out of the body. Ecstasy is available as pills, in various colours and shapes, sometimes capsules or powders. If you have the real Ecstasy, it contains MDMA (3,4-methyleendioxymethylamfetamine).
It goes under a variety of street names, a common one in South Africa was “Mercedes” as the pills had the merc symbol on them. This particular batch was deadly, as the users did not know what the ingredients actually were.

Ecstasy stimulates the release of certain brain Chemicals

Dangers of Ecstasy -pills drug rehabilitation centre Johannesburg rehab Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg alcohol gambling and drugsNamely endorphins in the brain, which changes your mood, lowers your inhibitions and increases your energy level. MDMA or Ecstacy can cause a temporary happy, cheerful, bright and lovely feeling – Another of the Dangers of Ecstasy,  it can also cause feelings of loneliness, psychosis and insecurity. There is a confusion and a difference in the perception and experience of music and colour, a need for intimacy and contact, a sense of loss or belonging and feeling of good or bad which are not real, that the drug reinforces and accentuates.

Inhibitions are lowered and can be manipulated

MDNAFor a few hours, the world can seem seems a lot better and easier. These inherent dangers of Ecstasy start about half an hour to one hour after ingestion and can last for two and up to eight hours. In young, slender women and men, the effect is stronger- body mass makes a difference. also as you never really know what exactly is in your ecstasy pill, the dangers of overdose or poisoning your system with alternate drugs in Ecstasy are quite high.

Dangers of Ecstasy and the risks 

Dangers of Ecstasy Rehab in Johannesburg Alcohol Rehabilitation in GautemgEcstasy users can experience the mind-altering effects of MDMA within half an hour or forty-five minutes after the ingestion of a single dose. The effects consist of a heightened sense of well-being, increased gregariousness, emotive warmth, a fellow feeling of belonging toward others, and an inclination to chat on emotional reminiscences. Additionally, users describe heightened and mixing of sensory perceptions as a stamp of the MDMA experience.

Use of even modest doses of MDMA in packed, warm surroundings—or in times of energetic, prolonged physical activity—can dangerously increase body temperature, with potentially toxic and deadly consequences.

MDMA causes a number of severe negative health effects. While fatal overdoses on MDMA are uncommon, they are potentially life-threatening. Symptoms include panic attacks, blood pressure spiking, fainting, and in some cases, a loss of cognizance and seizures.

The dangers of Ecstasy include the following:

  1. Dry mouth and throat;
  2. stiff feeling in the jaws and limbs;
  3. gnashing of teeth and chewing on tongue and cheek;
  4. increased body temperature and heart rate;
  5. sweating and dangerous overheating;
  6. nausea;
  7. vomiting at times;
  8. dehydration;
  9. headache;
  10. dizziness;
  11. distress;
  12. loss of coordination;
  13. panic attacks;
  14. liver inflammation and liver failure;
  15. visual hallucinations;
  16. psychoses;
  17. hypertension;
  18. memory loss;
  19. nervousness;
  20. anxiety;
  21. impaired concentration;
  22. water intoxication and sexual failure.

The following days recovering from the drug effects are just as challenging:

  1. Apathy;
  2. depression;
  3. emptiness;
  4. moody nature;
  5. sleep disorders;
  6. anxiety and susceptibility to infections.

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