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Crystal methamphetamine is the drug used in large quantities in South African youth. It is cheap, easy to get hold of and, highly addictive. Because of its addictive nature, this powerful stimulant gradually destroys lives, families, and relationships. Crystal Meth Addiction drives the user to the depths of depravity, inducing terrifying paranoia, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and the need for more and more…

methamphetamine crystal meth ice Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol We all need to recognise the signs and symptoms of meth addiction as the drug runs rampant on our streets, in our schools and in our homes.

Crystal meth is a strong ‘upper.’ The drug is commonly smoked but it can be injected and snorted. Created in homemade labs, the drug is full of toxins, household chemicals, and over the counter medication. This mix of toxins leaves the user in a dangerous and unpredictable situation – never really knowing what is inside the meth they are never able to anticipate how their body will react to the next fix.

Signs and symptoms of crystal meth abuse?

Methamphetamine directly affects the body and the body’s functions.
Some of the physical and behavioral signs of Crystal Meth Addiction include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Dilated pupils
  3. Appetite loss
  4. Hyperactive activity
  5. Anxious behavior
  6. Paranoia
  7. Insomnia

methamphetamine TIK Crystal Meth Abuse in South Africa Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol

Crystal meth addicts stay up for days on end. This hyperactivity eventually leads to an extreme ‘crash.’ The user will sleep for prolonged periods of time after which they will continue with their manic ways. A compulsive need for cleaning, talking and scratching are also signs of methamphetamine addiction.

Long term effects of Crystal Meth Addiction:

Those who have used the drug for an extended period of time have extreme weight loss, rotting teeth, mouth sores, face sores and may suffer from seizures and heart attacks.


It is never too late to get help and stop methamphetamine use. Your life is worth recovery Houghton House Rehabilitation in Johannesburg can help.

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