What is Drug Rehabilitation & other Frequently Asked Questions

Drug RehabilitationDrug Rehabilitation, What is Drug Rehabilitation & other Frequently Asked Questions, Best Addiction Rehabilitation  in South Africa

What is Drug Rehabilitation?

Drug rehabilitation is the progression of medical or psychotherapeutic management for addiction to psychoactive substances such as alcohol, street drugs and prescription drugs.

What makes a difference in a successful Recovery?

A desire to change one’s life for the better.

Recovery support groups, sponsors and indeed family support is integral to an addict’s recovery

Safe environments, making new friends, avoiding old behaviours – and avoiding friends with old habits.

This can make the difference between failing and succeeding.


What are the chances of relapse after rehab?

Drug and alcohol Addiction Relapse Statistics show that the percentage of individuals who may relapse after recovery can range from 50% to 90%.
This is an alarming statistic and it is often used as a justification for those who desire to carry on with their addiction.

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What are the four stages of recovery from addiction?

  • Treatment Beginning. The first stage starts the instant you seek help and support for your alcohol or drug addiction: asking What is Drug Rehabilitation?
  • Early Discipline & Abstinence.
  • Continuing Abstinence.
  • Advanced and Continued Recovery.

Drug Rehabilitation, What is Drug Rehabilitation & other Frequently Asked Questions, Best Addiction Rehabilitation  in South Africa

How long does it take to recover from Addiction?

There is no short answer. Treatment programs can take between 30 and 90 days, depending on the addiction, the personal situation and how much time the addict can,  and will dedicate to the treatment programme. Rehab programs can vary extensively, some offer shorter or longer stays. Some offer Outpatient and Inpatient options. Most have some sort of Aftercare Support Programme for ongoing Drug Rehabilitation.

The best answer is “You do not ever recover from being an addict” you may defeat your addiction and live a clean life -you will always be in recovery and will always be an addict.

What happens when the body becomes addicted to drugs?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that causes compulsive use, despite damaging consequences to the addict themselves and those close to them.
Drug addiction is considered by many a disease. As the abuse leads to detrimental changes in the organisation and function of the brain. It can be harmful physically to the individual, increasing the risk of compulsive drug seeking, drug-related violence and criminal behaviour.

What are the five stages of recovery?

  • Pre-contemplation Stage. This stage is the individual is in denial that they even have an alcohol or drug addiction. …
  • Contemplation Stage. Emotions begin to play a role and the individual realises that their addiction may threaten his or her relationships or even their life
  • Preparation Stage – Actively seek help and support – People & Organisations
  • Action Stage involved with a Treatment Facility, Discipline and Abstinence.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Relapse Prevention.

Is there a pill to help you stop drinking alcohol?

Yes See a Doctor. There are  prescribed medicines that reduce the craving for alcohol. Once you quit drinking, they may help you stay sober for a time.
But – This medicine is not a cure for alcoholism, it helps  you stop drinking and you can get other treatments and programmes that are recommended.

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How do I stop using drugs and alcohol?

  1. Pledge to Quitting.
  2. Set your Goals for Recovery.
  3. Find the Right Alcohol or Drug Rehab Program
  4. Decide on Treatment Programme and Get Sober.
  5. Avoid Temptation and Plan around Cravings.
  6. Find a Meaning in Life Make a Difference.
  7. Get Help, Support and New Friends.

How can we stop drug addiction?

These steps will help stop drug abuse in youngsters and teenagers:

  • Talk to your children about the risks of drug use and alcohol abuse.
  • Listen& Pay Attention Let your children talk about peer pressure, problems in their lives and be reassuring help them overcome issues.
  • Try to Set a Good Example. …
  • Communication will always Strengthen the bond you have.

How can you help a drug addict?

  • First You Must Take Care Of Yourself.
  • You can’t make them quit. You can attempt an intervention, which may be successful, but you cannot force the addict with a substance abuse problem to stop.
  • You Can’t Do The Work Of Recovery For Them.
  • You Must Not Accept Behaviour That Violates Your Boundaries.
  • You Must Learn The Process Of Letting Go.

How do you know if someone has a drug problem?

Changes in behaviour, such as the following, can indicate a problem with drug abuse:

  1. Increased irritability and aggression.
  2. Changes in their personality and their attitude to things
  3. Not caring about things.
  4. Depression and Lethargy.
  5. Sudden changes in their social network of friends.
  6. Dramatic changes in priorities and habits..
  7. Money issues and problems.
  8. Involvement in crime and illegal activities.