SOUTH AFRICAN HELPLINES / a list of Free Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers.

Houghton House is a private drug rehab center and alcohol rehabilitation centre with facilities based in Gauteng.

Are you in need of drug rehab centers for addiction treatment but don’t have enough money to pay for our drug or alcohol rehabilitation services? See below for an extensive list.

Are you searching for alcohol and drug rehab centers near me? Houghton house is not free but we do arrange finances via or with your Medical aid and will discuss a payment process with you. We are not a government-sponsored facility or free rehab.

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Patients looking for a free alcohol and drug treatment program at no cost can find them at government-funded treatment centers, non-profit facilities, and drug rehab centers run by faith-based organizations.

Around 5 million South Africans suffer every day with at least drug or alcohol addiction. But, not even 10% get treatment. Based on a current investigation, these 5.7 million people of the age of 12 years or older need help with substance abuse treatment in 2024. Among these, over 5 million were categorised as requiring but not getting to drug rehab centers or alcohol abuse treatment facilities.

Houghton House is a private drug rehab center and alcohol rehabilitation centre with facilities based in Gauteng. We are not a free facility and there are costs involved to be a patient at our facility. We work closely with all medical aids and most hospital plans are also used for paying for our addiction rehabilitation services.

24/7 Emergency Helpline 079 770 7532

That’s exactly where this guide will come in handy. Below you can find all the information you need on the best low-cost and free rehab centers in Johannesburg and Gauteng. Including practical facts that will help you get the necessary treatment.

Most people just can’t get access to these crucial services. Almost 3 out of 5 patients, who desperately need treatment, were not able to go to rehab because they did not have the funds to pay for the rehab services or they were not working and were not able to cover the expenses of a private rehabilitation Centre like Houghton House. Patients like these would benefit greatly from free addiction rehabilitation.

Help to Find Free Drug Rehab Centers in Joburg

Based on a national survey from 2019, out of 1,809 facilities in South Africa, only 20% provide minimal payment or free rehab services. Most of these centers are private. Though, some of them have a sliding fee scale. In other words, patients often can pay as much as they can afford.

Many government and free alcohol and drug rehab centers are treatment programs are meant to aid non-working and previously disadvantaged individuals in overcoming their drinking problems and substance abuse issues. These services and organisations are designed for patients who don’t have the money to afford rehabilitation treatment but still need support to get their lives back on track.

How to find free drug rehab centers fast?

Our content below has lists of free drug rehab centres and government-funded facilities, which you can use to locate government-funded addiction recovery and drug and alcohol programs nearby. You can use it to find addiction treatment facilities that offer free services or with minimal out-of-pocket costs.
Remember that most rehabs don’t publicly advertise they provide free drug and alcohol treatment.

You should first see a therapist or doctor often they can help you to find a low-cost or free treatment option that is close to your local area.

Narcotics Anonymous SA Helplines / Drug Rehab Centres

Narcotics Anonymous is a free and non-profit fellowship of people for whom drugs have become a major problem it is not a drug rehab center as such. NA’s program, open to addicts of all ages, nationalities, cultures, creeds, gender identity, and religions. The only condition for membership is a desire to stop usin


Help to find free drug alcohol rehab centers in Johannesburg

Alcoholics Anonymous Helplines

The only requirement to be a member of this group is a desire to stop drinking. AA is a worldwide fellowship for alcoholics assisting and supporting those choosing to be sober.

See the AA website for contact numbers and “meeting rooms” locally.

Alanon Help to find free drug alcohol rehab centers in Johannesburg

Al-Anon Family Groups Helplines/Alcohol Rehab Centres

Al-Anon Family Groups is for people, just like you, who are worried about someone with a drinking problem, the families and friends of problem drinkers,

Alateen – for children of alcoholics, and a group for adult children of alcoholics.



SA Helplines National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence / not drug rehab centers

Sanca provides specialised and affordable prevention and treatment services for alcohol and other drug dependence. A national body established in 1956, it has independently operated societies and counselling centres in all nine provinces they have drug rehab centers and alcohol advice facilities.

childline Help to find free drug alcohol rehab centers in Johannesburg

Childline South Africa

Information, support and assistance to children and their families
Physical and sexual abuse, behavioural problems, substance abuse, legal advice and trafficking.


SADAG Help to find free drug alcohol rehab centers in Johannesburg

SA Depression and Anxiety Group.
SADAG Mental Health Line

Child welfare Help to find free drug alcohol rehab centers in Johannesburg

Child Welfare South Africa

260 affiliated child welfare societies, organisations and community outreach projects.
The largest non-profit, non-governmental organisation in South Africa – child protection and child care and family development.

E-mail: [email protected]


sap Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sex

Police Child Protection Units

The South African Police Unit.

Special police units investigate violent crimes against children and offer specialised services to child victims of crime: Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences

Emergency number: 10111

Crime Stop: 08600 10111

Report cases of child abuse for police investigation: [email protected]


Women in crisis

rape chrisis

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust works to prevent rape, offers healing to survivors, and works towards legal reforms that will ensure perpetrators are brought to justice. Services include counselling, court preparation, support groups, important contact numbers. Non-governmental organisation.


powa Helplines Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sex

People Opposed to Woman Abuse (Powa)

Gauteng-based organisation offering shelter, counselling and legal support to women in abusive relationships, rape survivors, survivors of incest.

Stop Gender Abuse

Crisis counselling for women who have been raped or abused, advice and support for people wanting to support women in need of help, legal and other options available for abused women and rape survivors. Run by LifeLine Southern Africa.

Toll-free helpline: 0800 150 150

Government and charity drug rehab facilities such as these feature services and treatment opportunities to help. They often offer long-term and detox care. Although they have different sources of funding, they still attempt to ensure the quality care.

Different Types of Free or Affordable Rehab Centers

Free rehab centers in Johannesburg and across South Africa get their funding from private donations, aid, and government payments. Many business organizations help patients if they can’t pay for rehab but need treatment at a private rehab center like Houghton House.

To understand these free programs, you need to learn about the various types. Listed below , you can find out more.

Further Resources:

Helplines South Africa – South Africa | Drug Rehab Centers and Drug Support

Many non-profit rehab organizations either manage a treatment facility or give funding to treatment centers that offer free alcohol and drug rehab to those in need. With an option such as this, patients living with addiction can also get support, increase their awareness, and learn to beat their addiction.

These organizations can lend recovery and treatment services to a distinct disadvantaged group. Some of them are situated in Johannesburg and Gauteng. These include:

All lines link to resources

Drugs & alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous 
12 Step Org: Resources and Information about the 12 Step Programme
European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) 
Addictionology: SA’s hub for addiction and recovery
Narcotics Anonymous 
The Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)

Codependence Helplines

Codependents Anonymous


Sex Addicts Anonymous 
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Food & eating

Academy for Eating Disorders 
National Eating Disorders Association 
National Centre for Eating Disorders 
Centre for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt

Gambling Helplines

Gamblers Anonymous Meetings in South Africa
National Responsible Gambling Programme


The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society

The Institute for Mindfulness
Mindfulness Tapes with Jon kabat-Zinn

Depression and Anxiety

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Trauma Helplines

A Non-Profit Organization for Abuse Survivors Learning to Thrive

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The Top Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab Centers in Johannesburg

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