Continuing Care Programme for Addicts in Recovery

Who is it for:

The Houghton House Group’s Continuing Care Programme for Addicts in Recovery, who have been through a primary, secondary or outpatient treatment programme.


Houghton House’s continuing care programme is located in Ferndale, Randburg.


There are two phases to our continuing care programme, diminishing in intensity as clients progress in their recovery. Aftercare meetings take place three evenings each week and relapse prevention meetings one evening a week. We encourage clients to retain a connection with a treatment facility for at least their first year in recover. Clients are welcome to attend this programme for as long as they wish.


Houghton House is committed to ensuring a successful and sustained recovery for our clients.

Following a treatment programme many clients are vulnerable and often find that the first year out of treatment can be difficult. Houghton House has a continuing care programme that is designed as a follow-up to primary and secondary treatment programmes, offering support and encouragement. These meetings enable us to monitor clients’ progress, and address and assist with any issues they are facing in early recovery and post-treatment reintegration.

The programme includes:

  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Assistance with reintegration
  • Educational groups


Our staff members are highly qualified and proficient, treating clients with the dignity, care and empathy that they deserve to help them to re-establish a more positive self-image that is fundamental to overcoming their problem.

Our continuing care programme is staffed by a range of professionals, including certified addiction counsellors, social workers and counselling psychologists.