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Best Alcohol Rehab & Drug Addiction Recovery rehab in south Africa and best rehab in gauteng

Inside Houghton House, Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres, considered by many to be the best rehab in South Africa, at our recovery centre you’ll find our dedicated staff and the best and most successful treatment programme available in South Africa.

When Alex Hamlyn and Dan Wolf created this rehabilitation centre over 25 years ago, they began with two goals in mind.
1) To help people with drug addiction problems and
2) Put together one of the finest drug rehabilitation centres
– and a dedicated team of addiction treatment professionals to serve Johannesburg, South Africa.

An Expert Qualified Team of Professionals

The team is comprised of physiatrists, psychologists, nurses, family therapists, counsellors, and many others. Ensuring you are taken care of from the day you check in to the rehab treatment centre, until the day you exit Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres, as a recovering addict.

Medical Aids & Hospital Plans

Houghton House, Gauteng’s oldest world-class addiction rehabilitation centre is endorsed and supported by all Medical aids. As a Designated Service Provider, we have relationships with all Medical Aids & Hospital Plans focusing on addiction, substance abuse disorders and all related and dual diagnosis issues.

Why are we the Best rehab in Johannesburg and indeed South Africa

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At Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres there is a strong focus on group therapy. One-on-one therapy is also used weekly. We use the 12 Step programme, in conjunction with the Minnesota Model and process of rehabilitation counselling. Which has evolved to become a holistic treatment model. It deals primarily with substance abuse treatment. Though we deal with sex, gambling and eating addictions also prevalent in South Africa in the sessions and the group meetings. This combines the expertise of medical and experienced therapeutic professionals necessary when dealing with patients who are substance abusers.

Ten Important Processes

Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres include in treatment:

  1. A safe secure recovery environment.
  2. Medically supervised detox.
  3. Medically assisted treatment.
  4. Individual and group consultation & therapies.
  5. Therapeutic activities.
  6. Support of other patients at varying stages of recovery.
  7. Supervised outings to the Countryside or other entertainments. (Not during  Lockdown)
  8. Family Visit weekends.
  9. Family therapy.
  10. Constant Supervised Support

Checking into Alcohol Rehab & Drug Addiction Recovery Treatment Centre

You will find we offer the full spectrum of care and addiction treatment for individuals from all walks of life. You will be assigned your own counsellor to deal with your needs and ensure that your addictions are dealt with in the latest and most effective techniques for addiction treatment in the best rehab in South Africa.

Best rehab in Alcohol Rehab & Drug Addiction Recovery South Africa Drug rehabilitation Centre, Addiction treatment Centre, Drug rehab,best rehab in gautengMany local rehabilitation centres will endeavour to offer treatment programmes similar to what we provide, as many are run by ex-staff and recovering patients, fresh from our successful treatment processes.
It is difficult to replicate the years of experience and cutting edge techniques used at Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres. Our Specialist addiction treatment programme is made up of one-on-one therapy and intensive group therapy, evaluations and relapse prevention discussions.

We offer the Full Spectrum of Care

Houghton House offers a full spectrum of care ranging from Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Long-Term Treatment options, dealing with all forms of substance abuse and addiction and dual diagnosis issues. Please click on the above options to see details on the processes

Our Patients and Family are our Success Stories

Best rehab in South Africa Drug rehabilitation Centre, best rehab in Gauteng

Family support in addiction is crucial – for us to be the best rehab in Gauteng

Both for the addict and the family members and friends visiting the Alcohol Rehab & Drug Addiction Recovery Rehabilitation centre.

Families and friends of South African addiction sufferers often feel angry, confused, frustrated, and particularly helpless. Family support group meetings go a long way to help alleviate this confusion and worry. The counsellors who work in the family support groups are there to support and help to promote healing and mental health by showing family members how addiction affects individuals, parents and families and what can be done to help. By finding out that other individuals are in a similar situation recovering at a rehab in South Africa, loved ones of drug addicts and those with addiction learn that they can’t always control addiction, but at Houghton House treatment centre they can identify new, healthy ways of coping with their relationship with an addicted person at the best rehab in South Africa.

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