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When it comes to the selection of the best rehab in South Africa, you should be looking for a facility that embraces both top treatment approaches and cutting-edge psycological techniques. In addition, an outstanding rehabilitation facility is ethical, dependable, and sensitive to the addict’s struggles.

Best Rehab in South Africa Welcome to Houghton House Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centres

As the best rehab in South Africa Houghton House is a facility that is in the business of assisting addicts to recover for over twenty-five years, and giving many of them another chance at life.

Factors for Choosing a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programme

The important factor to consider when looking for the Best Rehab in South Africa at a Gauteng facility.

Firstly is it licensed? Having the proper licenses should be an obvious start but unfortunately, many rehabs in South Africa don’t have the required documentation or expertise though they may sound like they are proficient – it’s your life in their lands literally. Make sure the facility is licensed and certified.
Are the staff licensed and correctly trained? Your recovery, health and wellbeing is dependent on the trust that grows between you and the doctors and counsellors on the staff at Houghton House rehab . Statistics show that our facilities with our expert medical professionals and highly trained staff all with certifications have higher success rates in getting you clean and keeping you sober and on track.

What is the Best Rehab in South Africa’s emergency plan?

Best Rehab in South Africa emergency plan Rehab in Johannesburg

The best rehab in South Africa has a well-thought-out crisis action plan in case a patient loses control of their emotions during their stay and becomes upset or even violent. The detox process from opiates alcohol and drugs has many side effects that can manifest in tears, happiness, anger, high anxiety or even a state of panic. Your security and safety is our priority for your recovery and well-being as well as that of other patients and our staff.
Is the best rehab in South Africa a clean and well-run facility?
The attainment of your recovery using our treatment programmes depends vey much on how well we work with you and how efficiently our recovery center operates. This embraces cleanliness and comfort as well as the integrity of the actual rehab programme. A poorly managed centre will cause patients to be concerned and uncomfortable and not attend to themselves, our environment ensures you focus on getting better at the Best Rehab in South Africa.

The best rehab in South Africa

If possible, we want Houghton House Rehab to feel like home to you, and the staff will feel like family. We create a sense of comfort and ease, allowing the patient to rest recover comfortably and focus on getting well.

Our Residential Inpatient Treatment

The process of working through addiction and trauma is difficult and for some an emotional experience, no one can comprehend the complex knot of thoughts and feelings that go through your thoughts like the Best Rehab in South Africa’s experienced councillors and staff does.
Our inpatient programme offers a comforting, compassionate environment in which to allow yourself to work through the issues while you undergo treatment. The inpatient residents at Houghton House receive support, from specific and custom-made trauma counselling programmes. We offer comprehensive in-house care, which is the ideal setting for long-term stays to work on your recovery and we work with people who have experienced a relapse.
The rehab in Gauteng’s program aims to treat individuals as a individual, considerate to the facts that there may be numerous trauma and other core aspects to a person’s journey to be dealt with. We provide expert addiction know-how, professional psychologists and therapy related resources to treat underlying trauma as involved with our 12-step recovery programme.

The First Step Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient programme is very much part of why we are the best rehab in Gauteng, Houghton House do not settle for transitory repairs and fixes, we follow through with the process, with the understanding that transitioning from inpatient treatment to independence is difficult, at Best Rehab in South Africa we look at our patients holistically and know from experience that this struggle can lead to relapse.
To support and help we offer an intensive outpatient programme that make it easier to deal with the change from inpatient care to total to returning to a potential previous existence with the danger of relapse

In this programme we continue the expert therapeutic support and services very similar to our inpatient programs, these will provide you with the stability and support you need to transition. Our outpatient programmes at the Best Rehab in South Africaare personalised and we help each person each step of the way with their unique recovery obstacles.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many of our patients like most people are struggling with other demons as well as battling their addiction. Many times, drugs and alcohol are used by people as managing systens to deal with trauma particularly when a person is struggling with mental health. The best rehab in South Africa Houghton House is a facility that is in the business of assisting addicts recover, and giving them another chance at life. Houghton House know that if we expect to help our patients break free of their addictions, the other area that’s crucial to recovery is helping patient through their mental health journeys.
We offer dual diagnosis treatment. Houghton House has fine staff of tried and tested mental health experts, and they help treat conditions such as, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder and much more. We endeavour to see our patients as a whole and help them recognize parts of themselves that uphold addictive tendencies.

We are dedicated to helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing.

We focus on every patient’s specific needs. As a result, we deliver excellent clinical outcomes, most importantly, through individually-tailored drug recovery treatment. Above all our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference in our patients’ lives. believe by treating underlying mental illness, we can help our patients truly break free of addiction.

Extended Care Programs at the best rehab in South Africa

At Houghton House, we know that transitioning from inpatient care to sober housing or family care can be a hard move. It can and and may lead to issues or even relapse. We want our patients’ recovery to be a lasting one, and the General Addiction Programme is the extended inpatient care programme, most importantly it is specifically geared towards individuals who have completed detox and above all a primary care programme.
Instead of immediately moving from inpatient treatment to Houghton House’s Aspen and York Halfway Houses, we provide an extended stay community programme to bridge the gap between the two steps. Providing a community and continued support helps many patients stay sober as they move from our care into sober living on their own.
to be a wonderful transition from inpatient and intensive treatments into a life of independence.

The Houghton House Family Programmes

Recovery is not just about healing an individual; it’s about healing a community. The Houghton House Family Programme offers family support for the families of our patients. Knowing how difficult it can be to traverse emotions and situations surrounding addiction, and we know that your family member’s experience has affected you too. For this reason, we offer family programs to help you work through the complicated trauma that comes with supporting a family member with an addiction and give you tools to support your loved one better as they go through their journey of recovery.

Above all we are Addiction Treatment Professionals. If you’re serious about your recovery, our Drug Recovery & Alcohol Rehab in Johannesburg can help.

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