Revealing what to Expect when you get to Rehab

So the question is always “what can I expect when I get to rehab?”

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Leaving your comfort zone for the treatment centers of a rehab facility is an unnerving prospect, but it is often the only solution for addicts and alcoholics trapped in the claws of addiction. It’s not unusual to wonder about what exactly lies on the other side of the rehab doors, especially if you are facing residential treatment programmes that will last between 28 and 42 days. So, here’s a little about what you can expect when you get to Houghton House.

 Checking Into Rehab

to rehab

The first thing that happens upon your arrival at our addiction treatment centers is an addiction assessment. The purpose of the assessment in intake process is to decide whether addiction exists, and what the extent of addiction is. This is done in order to evaluate whether detoxification will be necessary and to what degree. It is important to be honest during the assessment, especially when it comes to drug abuse and what drugs were used, when last you used and what quantities, as this determines the kind of detoxification that will be implemented. A trained professional conducts mental health and drugs and alcohol assessments. This information given by the addict is kept confidential and used in constructing a unique treatment plan. During this process financial considerations, as well as the relevant medical aid cover, is addressed.

Detox in Rehab

Once the patient is admitted to the recovery center the detox period begins immediately. Based on the assessment as well as a consultation with a medical practitioner, medication is given in order to assist with a safe detoxification process. The detox is the hardest part, but Houghton drug and alcohol rehab do everything during addiction treatment to ensure that the addict receives the utmost care and comfort. It is important for substance abusers to understand the dangers surrounding detoxification. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous and can leave lasting damage, or even be fatal. It is of paramount importance to detox under professional medical supervision. In cases like heroin addiction, the addict can suffer from hypertension and muscles spasms, as well as potent effects on the brain. In severe alcohol withdrawal lie the possibilities of Delirium Tremens, which can lead to death or lasting psychiatric issues.

The schedule

Rehab is a life-changing experience that requires a lot of hard work and engaging in achieving that. 28-42 days is a short amount of time to change behaviours that may have been part of your life for the biggest part, so Houghton House does not waste a single moment. During the week patients begin their day with a lovely walk and a healthy breakfast. The day is packed with readings, lectures, therapy sessions and 12-step work time. In the evening’s patients attend NA and AA meetings which come to the house. Hearty and healthy food is served at mealtimes and patients can relax around the pool or in the lush gardens.

Weekends are made up of meetings, group therapy, relaxation and family time. The client’s family is encouraged to visit during visitation hours.

Exercise is included in the daily programme, and Houghton House Rehabs have swimming pools, and a yoga teacher who comes in regularly from a local studio.

Caring in Sharing

Patients at Houghton House Rehab share a room with at least one other person. Rooms are stylishly decorated and each client has their own nightstand and lamp. Once a client is admitted they are assigned a buddy, who will usually also be their roommate, and is there to help them get used to the schedule and assist with settling in to rehab. Patients are discouraged from isolating and rather encouraged to engage with those around them. Houghton rehab believes in individuality while at the same time trusting in the therapeutic value of one addict helping another.

Entering Houghton House Rehab means shutting the doors to the outside world and your life of addiction. This means that you will have limited contact with friends and family on the outside in order to assure that your focus is primarily and without distraction, solely on your recovery.

Understanding Addiction

During your time in the inpatient treatment facility at Houghton House you will receive a lot of education around addiction. This takes place in the form of workshops and lectures. It is an insightful experience as the addict and alcoholic builds an understanding of the disease called addiction. It is of fundamental importance to understand what you are dealing with and these lectures and workshops form an integral part of your road to recovery.

Counselling and Group Therapy

One on one counselling sessions happen once a week, while group therapy takes place daily. During group therapy sessions patients are encouraged to share their experiences with the group, as addicts can relate to each other’s stories, and in doing so are able to reflect and gain insight into their own behaviours. Group therapy is lead by the trained professional counsellors of Houghton House and is an essential part of understanding one’s addictive behaviours and patterns, and the road to sober living and breaking free of them.

Patients are also asked to journal daily in a diary, which is read each morning by their assigned counsellor. This is so that the counsellor can have constant awareness of their client’s state of mind and anything they may be struggling with, in order to offer them continuous help and guidance.

Luggage checks

One of the uncomfortable experiences upon being admitted is the fact that your luggage will be checked and some items may be confiscated for the duration of your stay. This is to assure that no one brings anything into the rehab facility that could be harmful to themselves or those around them. Patients are not allowed to have any medication in their rooms. Patients that are on chronic medication will be administered their medication at specific times by a medical professional.

What not to bring to Rehab

During your time at Houghton House you will be focusing specifically on all things recovery. Anything that could be distracting to this process should be left at home. You can request a full list of items that you should not pack during your intake session, or by requesting a list from Houghton House before you go to check in to rehab.

Examples of things you should leave at home include:

  • Over the counter medications
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Linen
  • Weapons
  • Electronic devices
  • Expensive jewellery
  • Food or drinks
  • Herbs
  • Revealing clothing
  • Clothing items that promote drugs or alcohol
  • Cash
  • Radios
  • Mouthwash or any other products that contain alcohol

Houghton House makes it their number one priority to use every moment to pave your way to a successful and sustainable recovery. You will never regret your stay in Houghton House’s residential inpatient programme treatment facility and you are guaranteed a solid foundation of recovery, individual therapy and a life free from addiction upon completing your stay and leaving rehab. It does, however, remain the client’s responsibility to grab onto the tools and lifestyle changes that you will be offered at Houghton House’s world-class luxury rehab rehabilitation facility, in order to ensure a lasting and successful recovery maintaining abstinence.

On a typical day Families Loved Ones and Friends are allowed  visits at the residential rehab after the first week of intake. Family therapy sessions are also held at the Houghton House addiction center

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