Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Impacts the Mind and the Body

Cocaine is a very mentally addictive drug that is sold in powdered or crystalline formats. Cocaine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant that gives a user the feeling of invincibility and sharpness. If only for a while, and then more Cocaine is always needed.
A full understanding of the high risks involved with Cocaine use could stop people from using the drug in the first place. Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction at Houghton HouseBut, for those who already have a Cocaine addiction issue, help at Houghton House is available. With our professional treatment programmes and follow up care, Cocaine addiction can be effectively managed.

Availability of Cocaine in South Africa

Cocaine addiction is reasonably easily available, particularly in the big city’s. It is considered a commonly abused recreational drug. Houghton House treats all individuals suffering from cocaine addiction and other drugs. Cocaine is not just used socially in the party circuit, but this drug has also found its way into use in a business environment.The use of cocaine gives you a cheerful, (sometimes manic)energetic feeling which makes the drug very attractive for successful people with a busy and hectic life. Treatment centers are the ideal place to deal with cocaine addiction.

Treatment of cocaine addiction includes:

  • Counseling for your addiction
  • Addiction clinics
  • Medication for withdrawal symptoms
  • Psychotherapy: treatment of underlying psychological problems or disorders
  • Combination of treatments

It’s important to remember the following when considering the treatment of cocaine addiction:

Trying to quit on your own is very difficult. The best thing you can do is seek help from a cocaine treatment center.

Treatment of Cocaine Addiction

Houghton House uses Cognitive-behavioural therapy, which has an active approach in averting relapse. This approach helps addicts cultivate critical abilities that support their sobriety and long-term abstinence from Cocaine. This includes an ability to distinguish the circumstances in which they are most likely to relapse and begin to re-use cocaine. How to avoid situations, and handle a range of problems accompanying drug use. This therapy is used in conjunction with other treatments, the 12 step abstinence programme and maximizing the benefits of all.

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There is often much confusion between the differences between Cocaine and Crack Cocaine – this graphic illustrates the differences.  Overall Crack Cocaine is a much more dangerous crystalline drug manufactured from Cocaine. It also outlines the harshness of the drugs used in relative accuracy.

Treatment Of Cocaine Addiction and differences between Cocaine and Crack

Drug-free residences

Drug-free residences like Houghton house inpatient and long-term residences in which people in recovery from substance use disorders support each other to understand and change their behaviours are an active and positive form of treatment for people who use drugs, including cocaine. Treatment often may require a three to six-month stay. This includes onsite vocational rehabilitation and many other similar services. With an emphasis on the successful re-integration of the individual into society.

Houghton House has a cocaine addiction treatment program with a high success rate and is located in Randburg, South Africa. The treatment centers specialize in various substance addiction cases including cocaine addiction and have been helping patients to control their cravings and beat their addictions for the past 20 years.

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