Teens and the Party Scene, What Drugs are Popular

Teens and the Party Scene

I went to my first club when I was 14 years old.

I had a fake ID on hand and I was dressed in sky-high stilettos, a tight black dress, and of course, the wonder of a wonderbra. The bouncer for some strange reason “believed” that I was of age and let me and my friends enter. The first thing we did was go straight to the bar, ordered 2 shots of vodka each, and celebrated our ‘grown-up’ victory. Party Scene, Rehab in Johannesburg Alcohol Rehabilitation in GautemgThe club scene quickly became my haunt, this is how is it with Teens and the Party Scene. It became so much a part of my life that when I left school I began hosting events throughout Johannesburg.

It was during this time that I used my drug of choice freely, without fear of judgment. Drugs were the norm. I did tell people I was using cocaine/ MDMA when in actual fact I was on meth – cocaine sounded more acceptable. The thing is, cocaine and MDMA are more acceptable to the club kids because it is so easily accessible and you don’t have to drive out to a dodgy petrol station to pick up. Just simply ask someone in the club (bartender, bouncer, host…) and they can usually hook you up. MDMA, ecstasy, and cocaine – all acceptable club drugs and all easily accessible to teenagers on the scene.

Trance parties, nightclubs, and house parties are places young people frequent for fun. However this ‘fun’ has a new dimension added to the mix and a new risk of danger – club drugs. I know drugs are not new and teenagers have always found them, the thing is, it is so much easier now.

Parents: Have the Drug Talk with your Teen

Parents all know about weed, heroin, and cocaine. The party drug scene has evolved and many parents are in the dark about what is actually out there. This is because the effects of club drugs are not as noticeable. The physical effects are mild in the beginning and kids believe the mind-altering substances to be harmless because of this. Thing is, they couldn’t be more wrong.

One of the biggest dangers is that these drugs (Ecstasy, MDMA, Roofies, and GHB) are made in illegal and contaminated laboratories. They also contain life-threatening additives, once you pop a pill you never know what is going into your body. It’s one hell of a gamble, Russian roulette if you will.

Communicating the Risks to your Kids

Ecstasy/ MDMA

‘MDMA got you feeling like a champion, the city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien.” Empire State of Mind. (Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys)

This drug is usually ingested in capsule or pill form and creates feelings of absolute euphoria. This heavenly feeling, coupled with a boost of energy allows the user to dance/stomp (the latter is a trance party slang word, thought I’d throw it in there) for extended periods of time. Using MDMA or E for long periods of time leads to severe dehydration, high blood pressure and even kidney and heart failure can occur. Regular use causes long term damage to the brain and affects memory. Once the comedown begins, depression seeps in and the user can sink into irrational and suicidal thoughts.

GHB (Gamma- Hydroxybutyrate)

“Welcome to my perverted nightmare baby!
I feel so drunk with power
Just be still my silent beauty
Let this last forever”

Used as a date rape drug in many cases, GHB is a powerful synthetic substance that works almost as a sedative. It is a depressant on the central nervous system and is quickly metabolised by the body. 15 – 20 minutes after ingestion, the drug takes effect.

This is a popular drug on the party scene however many teens are completely misinformed about its danger. Rather than being a ‘club drug’ (that is: one that gives you hyper energy) it completely puts your rationality to sleep and leaves you vulnerable to dangerous situations. It causes seizures, nausea, drowsiness and respiratory depression. There have been many cases in which GHB causes the user to fall into a coma – leading to death.

When GHB is mixed with alcohol or another drug (which usually happens, especially when the user is at a party) the consequences can become life threatening. It is easy to overdose on GHB. It is imperative that we are all informed about this often ignored drug – one that is scarily gaining popularity amongst our youth.

• Ketamine (Special-K)

“Played it all for the game

Played it all, played the same
And in the end I could see
The ketamine is killing me”
(Get Back Loretta)

Ketamine is a drug that can ONLY be used safely in a medical environment. However, many young people use dangerously high doses of ketamine, reaching precarious highs. Ketamine causes hallucinations and euphoria – leaving the user unaware of reality. It has been known to cause amnesia, depression and high blood pressure. It has also been known to bring on respiratory failure.

I think it’s a good idea to have that talk now

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