Spiritual Leaders & Substance Abuse in Southern Africa

Spiritual Leaders & Substance Abuse Addiction in the Community

Spiritual Leaders & Substance Abuse, Religious Leaders are often the first port of call in dealing with crises within the community. Substance abuse and related disorders have infiltrated our society and more often, are presenting as common crises to be dealt with. Addiction in the community can be dealt with constructively. Admission into treatment can be facilitated with relative ease and appropriate support. See:>>Dealing with the consequences of addiction<<

Spiritual Leaders & Substance Abuse Rehab in Johannesburg Alcohol Rehabilitation in GautemgHoughton House has a training programme aimed at equipping Religious Leaders with the correct information and skills in order to benefit the individual and or family in crises. Details of the Addiction Intervention Programme for Religious Leaders have been outlined below.

  • A brief overview of the intervention process
  • The full spectrum of treatment available
  • Liaising with the family and work environment
  • Reintegration back into the community
  • Medical Aids
  • The culture of recovery and maintenance programmes going forward

Houghton has an addiction support network which includes prominent South African based organisations. This addiction support network provides periodic training programmes and also entitles individuals and families referred by an associated organisation to a free assessment

To link your organisation to our Addiction Support Network email: [email protected]


For more information Spiritual Leaders & Substance Abuse support and  dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and getting yourself into recovery and help to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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