Healthy holiday gift ideas for someone in recovery


Holiday shopping can be super tricky for someone in recovery.

We all have that someone who is difficult to shop for. Now imagine someone who is going through the journey of addiction recovery – it can be a HUGE hiccup when festive season shopping. If you happen to have a loved one who is on the road to recovery and you are unsure about the ideal Christmas gift, stress no more, we have a bunch of ideas for you to take inspiration from. See:>>Tough conversations: How to Communicate with an Addict<<

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Remember that you want to choose a gift they will enjoy while also encouraging their continued sobriety and avoiding any triggers and emotions which could test their ability to stay sober. So what could you choose as a perfect gift that matches their interests and which is sensitive and supportive of their decision to make healthier choices and to remain sober?

Here are a few of our top picks of gift ideas for loved ones going through recovery:

  1. Music lessons.

Countless studies have proven that music is a great complement to therapy for men, women, and adolescents who are in recovery for addiction. Be it drumming or piano lessons or even the good old six string, there are many ways that someone in recovery could work music into his or her recovery.  Buy a loved one a musical instrument or lessons and if you don’t want to fork out cash for lessons – the internet is a great place for free instructional lessons on almost every single instrument known to man!

  1. A personalised gift.

Giving someone an acknowledgment of their sobriety and the efforts they have gone through to stay the course is never a bad idea. Think of keychains with powerful verses or messages engraved on them or a piece of jewelry with key dates of their journey etched on the inside. A gentle reminder of the power of their decisions is a beautiful thing. Gifts such as mug, notebook with the Serenity prayer are also great for someone in recovery looking for acceptance.

  1. Faith based Gifts

Studies have shown that faith in a higher power can actually stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression while adding and improving overall quality of life. In addition, research has shown that religious faith or spirituality helps those in addiction recovery stay on the sober track. Why not celebrate your loved one’s faith or someone in recovery with a religious or spiritual gift?

  1. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are great complementary therapies for those going through addiction treatment. It is well documented that  yoga, meditation, prayer, and other mindful, spiritual practices have incredible healing factors. Yoga and meditation can help someone in recovery learn to cope with triggers, cravings, and difficult feelings so they can stay clean, sober, and healthy and live a beautiful and happy life. Think of gifting your loved one a class package at a local studio or a DVD that will guide them through these incredible practices.

The holiday season can bring up seriously hard and difficult emotions in all of us. Healthy holiday can help your loved one celebrate the hurdles they’ve overcome and the amazing leaps in recovery they have achieved in order to get clean and sober. Just as importantly,  your well thought out gifts are a physical constant reminder that they have your support every step of the way as someone in recovery finds themselves walking down the path of rehabilitation.

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