Sober is Sexy!

I remember being drunk and high, strolling into a club and thinking I was Queen Bee. I was gorgeous, the life of the party, statuesque and intimidating. I was all powerful.

Then I look at pictures and speak to friends the next day after my regular black out. I was bedraggled, haggard, unbalanced, drooling and talking absolute nonsense. I wasn’t intimidating, I was just irritating.

If you frequent the club scene than you know that there is nothing more revolting than a drunk person trying to make conversation. Oh wait, I take that back. There is nothing worse than a drunk person hitting on you! The smell of alcohol, the blood shot eyes and the mouldy breath… how attractive. We feel sexy when we are high or drunk because we lose our inhibitions completely. We also lose our sense of balance and sense of logical thinking.

Ask any man or woman and they will tell you that a sober person is a million times more mysterious, mesmerising and sexy than a typical drunk or drug fuelled maniac.

So the bottom line is (excuse the pun), sober is sexy.

4 Reasons why sober is the new sexy

Side Note: I would love to list Robert Downey Jr as the number one reason sober is sexy but apparently that isn’t appropriate.

You look alive

You look so good! When you put down that bottle of booze and throw away that stash of drugs, your physical health improves phenomenally. Your body weight gets back to normal, your skin clears up and your eyes are alive again. You get your spark back, you get yourself back – you get your sexy back.

Your strength is inspiring

Pain and struggle develop strength. Recovering addicts have been through the ringer and persevered against all odds. Mental strength is powerful, it attracts people as they view your strength as inspiration. In recovery you learn to build a solid foundation from which to build upon. How sexy is a fighter, someone who has overcome all odds? The underdog becoming a success. Yum…

You actually have some money!

Look, I’m not saying that people with money are attractive. What I’m saying is that someone stealing for drugs, pawning other people’s property for drugs and conning friends to buy you booze and drugs is just slightly unflattering. Now you are able to buy yourself food, get your hair done, pamper yourself a bit and take someone you quite like out for lunch. Spoil yourself and spoil others – when did you ever think that would happen?

You are compassionate and able to help others

As previously stated, in recovery you are filled with strength. You have also been through a life altering process, through the 12 steps or religion (whatever helps you stay clean) you have been given valuable life tools. You are able to call yourself out on your own character defects, embrace your good qualities, acknowledge past mistakes and have learned about a little thing called ‘acceptance.’ Having these tools gives you a chance to help other people. You are able to pass on this advice, not necessarily to other recovering addicts but to anyone having a tough time. You can listen now. You can help now.

When you are willing to give up your time to help someone else… well, saying that you are sexy is an understatement. You are more human than most…