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Benefits of Becoming Sober – Sober Benefit

There are several consequences that one may face during active addiction, one of them being the financial consequences. This one may be particularly difficult to deal with as it has far-reaching repercussions and in addition, may affect our loved ones. There is a great deal of literature that speaks about the financial consequences of alcoholism; specifically, however, this article will shed light on to the financial benefits of becoming sober.

2020 is over, let’s get sober

Cost of Alcohol

The cost of purchasing alcohol can leave a hefty proverbial hole in our pockets, especially if it is being bought daily, another sober benefit.

An individual’s tolerance to alcohol increases rapidly if they are grappling with active addiction, this means they would need to purchase more alcohol which would result in a larger pay-out. During the recent COVID-19 lockdown, accessibility to alcohol became scarce, however, this did not mean alcohol was not being sold on the black market. It appeared that individuals in active addiction were able to still access alcohol despite the exorbitant prices that it was being sold for. The financial burden of purchasing the alcohol became far more severe than when alcohol was easily available, prior to the lockdown.

Family Distrust due to Financial Distress

The individual may find themselves in financial distress due to the large amounts being spent on the substance itself. This may cause them to struggle to maintain other payments and responsibilities, which could affect their dependants and family members. In some cases, people may reach a point of not being able to afford the substance, which may result in stealing money or objects from loved ones, in order to feed the cravings. If we look further, this may cause great distrust and conflict within the family environment, or even worse, legal ramifications. Another sober benefit is it’s important to remember that when an individual becomes sober, they will no longer need to spend their money on purchasing the substance and may be privy to utilize that money on other, more fruitful ventures.

Legal Expenses – another sober benefit.

An individual in active addiction may oftentimes face legal ramifications for their behaviour. Some of this may include being involved in a motor-car accident due to intoxication or even facing disciplinary hearings in the workplace. Despite the legal consequences this may have, it takes an emotional toll on one’s psyche. Being involved in a car accident may not only cost a great deal of money but it may be a danger to others. Having secure employment in South Africa at the moment is scarce and not having that anymore can place an immense strain on one’s life, family members and future. Alcoholism can dimmish one’s critical thinking ability and overall performance at work, resulting in missed opportunities for progression or promotion, disrupting future stability. Another sober benefit is not having the burden of worrying about damaging one’s car or being found out at work can prove to be a colossal relief in one’s life.

Health-care a sober benefit?

black addict in withdrawl sober benifits

Health care and medical expenses are another consequence of alcoholism, that come with their own financial burdens. An individual’s health and immunity are at risk when alcohol is consumed in large amounts. This can cause several health implications that may prove difficult to reverse. Alcohol consumption also lowers an individual’s inhibitions which result in risk-taking behaviours, such as unprotected sex. This does not only put one at risk for contracting an STI but may also cause unwanted pregnancies. Studies have shown that the addicted population are far more at risk for physical and mental health issues which may require treatment that is oftentimes, costly. Not to mention, another sober benefit is the cost of treatment for rehabilitation could also be avoided through becoming sober.

Loss of Future income

There are several financial ramifications that could be faced with active alcoholism but that means there is also immense financial benefit from becoming sober. Although it may seem to some that finances can be managed in active addiction, studies have shown that loss of money due to alcoholism disrupts immediate and future stability, greatly. When an individual becomes sober, their quality of life increases, motivation increases, ability to save money and invest in themselves, increase. So, although, becoming sober seems enormously daunting for some, another sober benefit is looking forward to the financial benefits should prove to be a motivator for change.

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