One Life to Live Live It Clean and Free

“We only have one life to live” – Anonymous

The phrase “you only have one life to live.” It’s a commonly used statement when one is considering say taking a vacation to an exotic spot, buying something that is very luxurious or doing something that you would not usually take a chance on or do.
It is often an excuse to be extravagant or imprudent.

But as far as addiction and a life of drug or alcohol abuse you are already doing that thing that may be seen as extravagant unsociable and life-destroying

The idea that one has only one life does not mean you should do things without a virtuous, ethical or moral basis. It should not cause people to become self-serving. To live in the here and now, considering your future your consequences and addictive behaviour, drugs and alcohol abuse be damned.

Living as if you only have one life should allow you to do the best person you can be morally and literally.  Be the strong one in your group, be the one people can come to for help and advice. Be the person you wish you could be – It’s not a life choice it’s just another way of thinking

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