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Houghton House gives you In-house and Outhouse Options 

with our Non-Residential Rehabilitation programme Houghton House Treatment Centre recognises that not all people are able to make the commitment to attend a thirty-day residential program and in light of this we facilitate an outpatient program in the evenings. The outpatient program is modelled on the same philosophy as the residential program and is there to accommodate people that are unable to become inpatients.

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Group Therapy

Non Residential Rehab Programme at houghton House addiction rehab Non Residential Rehab Groups are facilitated each evening by a trained counsellor and give the patient the opportunity to present the difficulties that they are encountering in the early stages of their recovery. Because these patients will be living in the community they may have many challenges with their sobriety or abstinence and the group can assist them in handling this. In addition each group will be based on a worksheet that is aimed at enhancing their understanding of addiction and recovery and presenting new ideas and challenges.

Non Residential Rehab Individual Therapy

As part of The Outpatient Programme, the Non Residential Rehab patients will need to attend one individual counselling session a week. This session will cover any material that they feel unable to present to the group as well as managing their progress through the programme. This session will be scheduled during the day so as not to take them away from the group experience.


As in the residential program, the treatment follows a set of themes. Each evening there will be a lecture aimed at educating patients on various aspects of recovery. Homework assignments are given to assist with these lectures. The emphasis is on participation and patients taking responsibility for their own growth and progress. With this in mind, lectures are designed to be active and require full patient involvement. In addition there is a workshop each week based on the theme of the week.


Patients who are attempting to break away from a lifestyle based on addiction sometimes struggle to make new connections in the community. A requirement of the program is that three Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are attended each week in an attempt to develop new relationships and a new support system. Members of the community will also be invited one night a week to share their experience of addiction and recovery with the group.

Family Involvement in Non Residential Rehab

Families are also recognized as an integral part of the treatment process and regular contact will be made by the focal counsellor. In addition the families of outpatients are invited to the weekend family days that are facilitated by Houghton House.

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