Tell-tale signs that you need rehab right now

Do you need rehab right now?

Repeat after me, you need rehab. ADDICTS NEED HELP.

Say it loudly. And proudly. Most rehabilitation centres offer exclusive treatment for addicts which sits on a level tucked between the intensity of inpatient medical care and the more independent level gained from outpatient treatment.

What needs to be made very clear is that being actively involved in a formalised drug rehabilitation programme is a prerequisite and fundamental stepping stone if you will, for many people who are looking to find a way forward to recover from substance abuse. Unfortunately, there is a hitch. Although addicts need help, many avoid the formal care that a rehabilitation centre can offer. Instead, they will prefer to take on the dragon of addiction alone. Whilst this is a brave and noble idea heed this warning: 

need rehab

Realistically it is almost overwhelmingly difficult, dare I say it, almost impossible to break free from the shackles of addiction without seeking out assistance – more so if the addiction has grown to a certain level.

There are some unmistakable tell-tale signs which show that drug use has taken over and Pandora’s Box has been opened.  You may want to start the journey of recovery by looking into a recovery programme if you recognise the following signs. And remember, you are not alone. Addicts need help and we can help you.

It’s just you and your fix? do you need rehab?

Man o man! This is something which slaps you in the face when you realise it has happened. You go from a life filled with work, love, life and hobbies, to one determined by the substance you are using. It absorbs your thoughts, your ideas and everything you do revolve around ‘Planet Fix.’  If you can see that you are spending more time, money, effort and resources to get your next fix then you may be addicted and you need help.  As the shadowy monster of addiction creeps up and slowly takes over your life, the light you once shone so brightly on your hobbies, interests and past times falls dimmer. The passion and willingness be around loved ones and friends fizzles out and you find yourself battling to take part in things you once enjoyed so much. If this is something you can associate yourself with, if this is your story right now then you may have a problem and could probably do with the immense benefits gained from enrolling in an addiction treatment programme.


Your body has seen better days. do you need rehab?

It’s no secret – drugs and your body don’t mix well. The effects substance abuse has on your health is a book filled with MANY pages, most of which can, if unchecked lead to dark and devastating endings. Think of some of the more ‘well-known’ links such as alcohol addiction and the effect on your liver and the abundance of Cancer cases so horrifically documented with its abuse.

If you think about it, substance abuse batters the mind and the body relentlessly, causing a spectrum of issues. Here are some of the worst:

Physically, drug abuse effects on your body range from mild to deadly. Yes, deadly. Depending on factors such as the length of use, the type of drug and the amount taken, you can wind up with stomach cramps or die. I am sorry, but it needs to be said. Abusing a drug is essentially like taking a gun and playing Russian roulette. It is only a matter of time before your luck runs out.

Mentally, the toll on an addict is almost certain. Most drugs on the market change the way a person’s mind works. The mental state is altered not only by the drug and its effects, but by damage to the brain and all the cogs inside. These changes can lead to anxiety and agitation, states of depression and sometimes, psychosis.

If you see this happening to you and you can tell that your mental and/or physical self is changing, you may need help in the form of rehabilitation. Addicts need help and if your body or mind’s symptoms are serious it is going to end badly and you may want to look at finding a professional to assist you.

** A HUGE plus of enrolling into a programme such as those offered at Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centres is the incredibly effective usage of monitoring of patients. As you work through your recovery you are looked after and monitored closely – enabling you to stay clean, focus on your new path and rest assured that you are in the safe hands of a professional.

Addicts need help to open the floodgates

Remember that first time you took a drug? It was overwhelmingly powerful, new and strong. It was because your body and mind was not accustomed to that drug and sadly it will be the only time you feel that way when taking that amount of the drug.  As the dam of addiction fills and you pump your body with bigger amounts of the drug to feel the same way you did before, the walls begin to crack under the strain of a forced progression. It’s called tolerance and it is a dangerous place to be.  As you take more of the substance to get the high you are chasing, you put yourself in a precarious position: Will the dam wall hold or will the dam wall burst?  Or, will the floodgates of your life, in the form of rehabilitation open in time and see you empty your life of substance abuse through the proven lifesaving methods offered in a treatment centre?  There is not a single drug on the planet or in space that is worth dying for. If you are using a drug in a large amount and your dam is filling up fast, you are in danger and you need rehab and should look immediately into an addiction treatment programme.

You are dealing with a mental illness! You need rehab right now!

The statistics don’t lie. Studies show that millions of people throughout the world and indeed here in South Africa are dealing with a mental illness. Many millions are dealing with a substance use disorder and more importantly – millions of people are dealing with both of those at the same time. Basically, there is a good probability that if you are already dealing with a mental disorder you are probably also trying to deal with a substance abuse disorder at the same time.

There is no single reason why someone will abuse a substance.  Self-medication to deal with a mental illness is one factor. Another reason is that people use a drug to alter the state of mind that they are in, and that leads to it becoming a coping mechanism. There is a massive danger with this. Using a substance can set off or worsen a mental health symptom or issue and this can have a domino effect where the drug is used to depress the any new or existing symptoms that pop up.

It is not an easy fix. Helping a patient who has a co-occurring condition is a complicated process, far more than someone who is battling with the effects of substance abuse only. Professionals need to address both the substance use disorder and the mental health condition simultaneously – no easy task. These addicts, just like any other addict need help and probably more than we can even think so that they do not venture into the dark realm of relapse – a very real and terrible possibility when the treatment doesn’t correctly address the mental health issues which are present. Thankfully, there are organisations such as Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centres who offer world-class  Dual diagnosis treatment options, which provide specialized care to get you onto that all-important road to sobriety. You can live your best life with the right care.


You tried to swim to shore but the distance was too far.

Being an addict is a condition that is visited by events which act like big waves in your swim to safety, to sobriety and to recovery. These ‘waves’ are called relapse and they come and go like any tide in the ocean. When you falter through exhaustion and you restart your swim there is an important recommitment to abstinence needed in a new way to make sure that you are headed to the shore. Think of it as learning a different type of stroke because the previous one made you tired and yielded fewer results than you wanted.

Every single day there are people like you who are trying a range of different ways to end their addiction. The most common methods are self-help groups such as AA meetings and outpatient treatment. Sometimes people need a little more help as these methods may not be strong enough to get you over that riptide and through those barrelling waves. Rehabilitation centres may be the float you require to see you reach your goal of a new, happier and clean YOU. If you have been stumbling and relapsing with no sign of the cycle ending perhaps you need rehab and it is time to look into a rehabilitation centre like Houghton House.

Addicts need rehab – Rehabilitation is the solution!

Maybe you are sitting here right now and struggling to comprehend what it must be like to be clean and happy again. Worry no more. Finding your way to Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centres will see you answering that very same thought with a smile on your face. If you need rehab here are some of the services you can expect to be given when checking into a rehabilitation centre:

  • Screening and diagnosis of substance use disorders.
  • Screening and diagnosis of co-occurring mental health disorders (dual diagnosis).
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Medication management.
  • Substance use and mental health education.
  • Substance use and mental health treatment.
  • Transitional services that include discharge planning and aftercare services.
  • Case management to provide connection to available resources.

There is a classic saying, different strokes for different folks. This also applies to rehabilitation.

Every rehabilitation centre will provide a different level and form of care. Some may focus on dual diagnosis conditions while others will have varying degrees of cost and programmes associated with those costs. Entering into outpatient treatment programmes will, in general hit your wallet less than inpatient treatment but again this varies from centre to centre.  Your best advice right now is to pick up the phone and chat to a professional who is waiting to help you. If you are an addict and you need help, or this article has hit home and you want to break free from addiction call Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centres now on 011 787 9142 or the emergency (after hours) hotline on 079 770 7532.

The time to enter recovery is now! How to help yourself or a loved one with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction issue and getting yourself into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

office hours:  011 787 9142

24/7 emergency help line: 079 770 7532

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