How to use your time in residential rehab to the best of your ability

How to use your time in residential rehab to the best of your ability:

The prospect of having to be admitted into a rehab facility is daunting for any one of us. While rehab gives you the opportunity to escape everyday life to focus on yourself and your recovery, it still carries many challenges. Truth be told, this might be the most courageous thing you will do in your life!

The idea that you live in close quarters with unfamiliar people for anything from 30 – 42 days is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. However, as unnerving as it may seem Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centre has witnessed the astonishing success of residential rehab in many of its patients, since opening its doors in 1995.

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When you begin your treatment the initial focus is on safe detoxification and stabilisation. Once this is complete things get considerably easier.

Here are six ways in which you can better prepare yourself for both before you begin rehab, and whilst your programme at Houghton House residential rehab is in action.

1.Trust the process

Alex Hamlyn, founder and director of Houghton House, walked out of 23 years of harrowing addiction in 1994 and has remained clean since. This means that you are treated and understood, first of all, by another addict.

The treatment centre is further staffed by highly trained professionals including:  medical doctors, social workers, certified addiction counsellors, nursing staff, consulting psychologists and psychiatrists. With them you are in safe hands and treated with dignity, care and empathy. With over 22 years of experience Houghton House is South Africa’s most established private addiction treatment centre. Following the multi-disciplinary Minnesota Model of treatment it provides a high success rate of recovery and rehabilitation. Thus, in order to utilise these tools to the best of their abilities, it requires simply from you to trust the residential rehab process.

2. Be willing to change

Change is why you are here, the reason you are considering going to a rehab. Remember that what you are willing to put in is what you will get out. The more willing you are, the more successful your treatment will be. Your willingness to be challenged, to be taught and to change will be met with our utmost dedication to change your life and free you from addiction.

3. Rehab rules

Rehab clinics are under absolute professional duty to safeguard the vulnerable patients that are in their care. Often times, rules may seem irritating, or childish, especially because you are suddenly faced with instructions you’ve never had to adhere to before. It may make you feel rebellious when certain things are confiscated for the duration of your stay, but everything that is done, is done in order to keep you safe.

4. Be honest

As addicts we are conditioned to deceive others and ourselves. We often minimise usage or experiences out of a place of shame and guilt. When attending rehab you will benefit from individual and group therapy sessions. It is vital that you are as honest as you can be, in order to fully utilise this platform to discuss your experiences as an addict. And in turn allowing those around you to be the best help they can be to you.

5. Apply yourself

Having successfully completed a residential programme you will have fully detoxed and stabilised. You will have met some incredible people and have formed a trusting relationship with your counsellor, psychologist and peers. You will feel safe and have experienced the freedom of life without addiction. However, if you are unable to translate recovery into the real word, then everything you would have learned and experienced in treatment will be in vain. Fortunately Houghton House will prepare you for this, but it is ultimately up to you to apply what you have learned here.

6. Follow suggestions

In the 30 – 42 days that you will spend in residential treatment your counsellor, psychologist and peers will get to understand and know you and the life that you will be returning to upon leaving. Suggestions will be made to keep you clean and these may often be difficult recommendations to follow. Nonetheless, it is paramount that you take these seriously if you want to stay a recovered addict.

7. Strengthening your foundation – Secondary and Tertiary Care

The General Addiction Programme (GAP) is the secondary care facility, located in Ferndale, Johannesburg. The duration of this programme is on a month-to-month basis, with a suggestion of a three-month stay. The programme provides guidance on establishing a new lifestyle, which is conducive to sustained and successful recovery. It facilitates greater education, goal setting and lifestyle changes in each client.

Houghton House’s Halfway House provides, in the form of tertiary care, a safe living environment for those who are fully re-integrated into the working environment or are looking for jobs.

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