Heroin Withdrawal

Information on Heroin Withdrawal

Drugs that kick in quickly, usually cause more severe withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms occur after quitting long-term use, but can also occur as a result of administration of an opiate antagonist (e.g. naloxone).

Because of the goose bumps, the syndrome derives its name: “cold turkey”. See:>>Our Inpatient rehab treatment is recommended for anyone suffering from a serious addiction.<<

Heroin Withdrawal at houghton house drug rehab Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sexAfter someone has been using heroin continuously for two weeks or longer, the heroin withdrawal symptoms start after about six to eight hours after the last administration. Symptoms may persist days and will only gradually lessen over time.

Physical Withdrawal from Heroin

Houghton House uses a medical heroin detox and plays an important role in helping people  get through withdrawal safely and securely. Heroin addiction has extreme withdrawal symptoms but the are usually not life threatening  though they may feel like it at the time. Butr, without support, the withdrawal process is very uncomfortable and may cause cause many people to relapse just to get rig of the awful symptoms. Houghton Houses Professional Medical detox helps to reduce the risk of relapse and making sure you safe throughout the withdrawal.

Mental Withdrawal from Heroin

Mental dependency lasts much longer. Ex-users usually need support for months as well as therapy sessions with professionals. A change of lifestyle and environment is needed to recover from heroin addiction.

Heroin Withdrawal Addiction Ex Heroin Addict  Alex tells his story Top Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Johannesburg drugs Alcohol gambling sex

Ex Heroin Addict  Alex tells his story

See the video of Alex where he discusses his addiction and recovery.

Houghton House Medical Detoxification from Heroin

Houghton House drug rehab centers based in Johannesburg (South Africa). The treatment services that form the group provide specialist assistance in alcohol and drug addiction problems and have been helping patients to beat their addictions for the past 20 years.

The extremely high recovery statistics and world class treatment Houghton House Addiction Recovery Centres offers, has brought patients into this centre from all over the world.

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