2020 is over. Time to get sober!

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2020 will be remembered as one of the most stressful and challenging years we have experienced. With the stress of the global pandemic, hunger, job losses and a host of other events, it is not surprising that many people have turned to, or increased their drug and alcohol intake and now need to get sober. For many, 2020 became a turning point in their addiction, and not in a good way. We believe that it is time to say 2020 is over, let’s get sober!

2020 is over, let’s get sober

2020 + a pandemic + substance abuse increase = get sober

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had to change how we work, socialize, interact and even buy groceries. With government-mandated shutdowns forcing us to stay home, we’ve been more anxious and isolated than ever before, causing many people to turn to alcohol and drugs to cope, so how do we stay and get sober.

Being isolated this way is particularly dangerous for those who have struggled with addiction in the past. Loneliness, uncertainty and anxiety are all common triggers for relapse. Society has normalised drinking to quiet anxiety or other negative emotions. This can lead a lot of people down the road of addiction. Here’s a quick guide to get sober and some of the symptoms and signs that indicate that you may be abusing a substance and how we can put 2020 behind us and start 2024 off on the right foot. We’ll use alcohol as the example to get sober.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse (Alcohol Use Disorder)

By understanding the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse you can determine if you or a loved one needs help to kick addiction to the curb and get sober.  It is often difficult to realise that you have a drinking problem because our culture so readily accepts alcohol misuse and abuse as normal and completely acceptable. In reality, we rely on it to avoid negative emotions, calm our anxiety, and quiet intrusive thoughts.

Here are a few signs you need to look out for before you get sober:

  1. Continuing to drink regardless of issues created at home or work or both.
  2. Developing a tolerance to alcohol, so you need more to feel the same effects and can’t get sober.
  3. Spending a large amount of time seeking out alcohol, drinking it and recovering from the effects of it.
  4. Inability to control how much or how often you drink.
  5. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly get sober, quit drinking or reduce the amount you drink.
  6. Intense cravings and urges that you can’t resist.
  7. Longing for a drink. If any of these sound like you, or a loved who one can’t get sober then you may be suffering from alcohol abuse disorder. Fortunately, you have options. 2024 can be the year you decide to make a change and finally kick your habit once and for all. Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres is just a call away to help you get sober towards making 2024 the year of change!

Get Sober and Tips for Dealing with the uncertainty of 2024

If you picked up alcohol as a way to deal with the pandemic stress in 2020, chances are you will carry that over into 2024. You are not alone in trying to get sober. Do you feel that alcohol or drug use is going to solve the problem and it’s not the right way to cope? If so, here are a few of our top tips to cope with stress and get sober as you work your way through 2024.

Head outside to get sober

Hiking, exploring your city, or even having a picnic in the park are all great ways to socially distance. They can keep your mind off of substances and relieve a lot of the stress you may be experiencing. There are many studies that show how spending time outside helps to get sober, increase life satisfaction, happiness and even promotes mindfulness.


Rehab in JHB Staying Sober Over the pandemic holidaysSo a little more strenuous than hiking or exploring, exercise can dramatically reduce stress, get you feeling better about yourself and take up time that addiction or bad habit would usually occupy. There are a million and one youtube videos, fitness instructors and social media pages online offering handy routines for you to take inspiration. Every rep now is one less thought towards a drug or drink!

Seek out help from us to get sober

If you are struggling with alcohol abuse disorder or any substance and want to start 2024 on the right foot, the best option is, without doubt, to seek out help to get sober. Through our class-leading and innovative addiction rehabilitation programmes, you can detox safely and comfortably and then dive into a rehabilitative programme to help you get sober and learn healthy coping strategies.

If you are ready to put 2020 behind you and start fresh in 2024, contact Houghton House Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Centres today. No matter what 2024 brings, we are here to help you to get sober.

If you or a loved one is in need of assistance please do not hesitate to call our office for a more detailed assessment and more information on dealing with drug abuse and getting yourself help, into rehab to start a new life, call Houghton House now:

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