Our Extended Inpatient Care Programme for Rehab

Breaking free of addiction at Houghton House Addiction Rehab in Gauteng

The first and most difficult step of breaking free of addiction is to ask for help.

You might begin with a simple search on the Internet with the words: find a rehab near me, or you might reach out to a loved one. However you do it, know that this is the best decision you will ever make in your life. Especially if you consider going the route of our Extended Inpatient Care Programme for Rehab once Primary Care has been completed

On arrival at Houghton House Rehab in Gauteng

When you first arrive at our rehabilitation centre, you are often walking out of several years spent in addiction.
While under the influence of alcohol and drugs you have been conditioned to live a certain lifestyle, and for the greatest part of your life this existence is all you know. The importance of investing serious time in your recovery, in order to change your life permanently, cannot be stressed enough.

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Primary Care

The process of change begins at a primary care treatment centre. Houghton House offers a residential programme situated away from the stresses of your outside lifestyle so that you can focus strictly on your recovery. The programme is between 30 and 42 days long and the initial focus is on safe detoxification and stabilisation. It focuses furthermore on therapeutic and recreational activities, lectures, counselling and an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

The wonderful thing about primary care is that by the time you have completed it you are experiencing what life free from addiction feels like. The most challenging part at the end of primary treatment is to integrate what you have learned into your life outside of the safe confounds of a rehab. It is highly suggested by Houghton House to go onto secondary and tertiary care in order to create a firm foundation for a successful and sustained recovery.

Secondary Care at The GAP (General Addictions Programme)

The GAP is the Houghton House Group’s extended inpatient care facility, which presents you with a serene space where you can continue to establish your new lifestyle. It is an essential stepping-stone enabling you to become responsible and able to deal with the difficulties of real life, without the use of drugs. Facing life on life’s terms is one of the hardest things newly recovered addicts struggle with. The GAP equips you with the tools you need to cope with life’s challenges and gives you the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment.

Relapse prevention forms a key element of the treatment programme. It arms you with the knowledge and tools to assist you in identifying and preparing for situations that might put your recovery at risk.

The GAP facilitates greater education and goal setting. Great emphasis is placed on building self-confidence and self-worth, which is paramount to your recovery. While at the GAP, you are encouraged to work on relationships in a setting where you are continuously supported and guided. You are encouraged to build a long lasting support structure and to engage in a culture of recovery.

The GAP affords you gradual integration into a better way of living, ensuring that you are able to deal with the hardships upon returning to your life outside of this safe environment of inpatient care programme rehab relaxing.

The duration of your stay at the GAP will be monitored on a month-to-month basis, but the suggested time spent in this facility is three months.

Based upon the progress you make at the GAP tertiary care in the form of a Halfway House might be suggested, empowering you to further strengthen the foundations of your recovery.

Additionally Houghton House offers an outpatient programme, as well as a continuing care programme for addicts in recovery.

Secondary care at the GAP includes:

  1.        Daily group therapy sessions
  2.        Individual counselling
  3.         Educational workshops
  4.         Exercise
  5.         Family workshops
  6.         Re-integration activities
  7.        The 12-step process

The GAP is located in the peaceful suburb of Ferndale, Johannesburg. It offers beautiful green gardens, cosy common areas, large enclosed verandas, lounges, comfortable and attractively decorated shared bedrooms, onsite parking, satellite television, a braai area and swimming pool. Healthy meals are served in the communal dining room.

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